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  1. Space Mountain at Disneyland for me. Granted, it's mostly just a bunch of sharp right turns, but they get more and more intense as they go.
  2. Not controversial at all, in my opinion. I think Iron Rattler is a significantly-better ride than Wonder Woman, but I'm one of the outliers not particularly enamored by RMC's more chaotic, implacable designs. Out of the handful I've ridden, I still think New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler are the standouts. I'll ride Wonder Woman if there's no line, but I don't find it to be a particularly enjoyable or thrilling ride. And yes, I visited a few weeks ago and the place was slammed with next-to-no social distancing (on or off rides) and little mask compliance. It's possible to keep a distance t
  3. I did see your pics! It looks like the young women you're sharing a flume ride with would benefit from hearing that message a little louder It was really only the Wonder Woman crew who were announcing the mask mandate today, and it didn't have a great deal of impact for anyone in that queue or on the ride.
  4. To be honest, that's what came to mind while I was there: they're doing the best they can. I'm assuming they've had to scale back to a skeleton crew, and that was perceptible on rides like iRat that appeared to be running trains with just two ride ops, one of which was both checking restraints and manning the controls. Given the circumstances, I couldn't help but think how challenging it must be to work under those conditions, with that kind of a crowd. It was disappointing to see employees with masks worn incorrectly, and I suspect that an increased security presence might prompt a little mor
  5. ^^ It was today, Bert — from about 11:15am to 2:00pm. The mask business was bad. I'm over getting bent out of shape about such things, but I did get a few stealth-creeper snapshots to send to friends. I'm not posting them here because, in a couple of cases, the masks were emblazoned with political messages and, well, not worn on the face. I did get a few general panos of rope drop / super-spreader pens as well. I must say, though, I stopped by the outlets on my way back to Austin, and it was the same business there, mask-wise.
  6. I visited the park today — my first time back to this or any park since quarantine. My expectations were low, and the visit was more of a reconnaissance mission to assess how SFFT is handling restrictions. The trip was predicated on the clause that if I sensed guests were being too reckless or park protections seemed sketchy, I'd bail. I did indeed end up bailing after just two hours, but that was really because the park was more crowded than I find tolerable in or out of quarantine. I try to keep in mind that folks' experience and concerns about safety varies, and that perhaps not everyone wi
  7. They have a number of veggie options, one of which is at the Full Throttle Sports Bar (or whatever it's called). Ultimately, it's still all theme park food, but they do have a better selection of "healthy" food than some of the other parks I've visited.
  8. While I share your view that The Big Apple Coaster isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be (it's more weird than anything), Desperado is pretty brutal. It's still a must-ride for coaster dweebs, but it jack-hammers like crazy after the first drop and the bunny hills really suffer from old-school Arrow's inability to make curved track. The best ride in Vegas was Speed, and it's a shame nobody snapped that one up after it was dismantled.
  9. I have to lean into that restraint when it comes down and then readjust once it locks, otherwise, it does the same to me. In terms of the ride experience, I do find it significantly more intense than other pendulum rides I've been on, and that's not necessarily good. I like the ride and always ride it when there's no line, but I think I still prefer Knotts' tiny little La Revolucion in terms of fun.
  10. What a bummer! It's not a ride I'd travel to a park for, and I'm not a fan of super-splashy soakers. I think it'd be a fun ride to watch, though, and it'll definitely be a super-popular one with the GP. If ever make it back to SFOT and the line happens to be short, I'd probably give it a go.
  11. The ride looks great and the location in the park is perfect. Was it ever determined whether or not this would have turntable loading? I suspect that the ride is going to be hugely popular given the weather, and I assume it'd churn through crowds that way.
  12. That's too bad. I also visited when the park was running poorly (three or so years ago) and didn't get to ride Cornball (missing bits of the track) or Lost Coaster (just broken). I ended up leaving after just a couple of hours and heading to Cedar Point. Even though the place was pretty run down when I was there, I could still imagine how good it would have been in its heyday. Glad I got to go through Frankenstein's Castle and ride the Lost Thieves ride, though.
  13. It's almost impossible to say as there are a number of variables involved. A safe assumption, though, is that weekends will be very busy with the potential for long lines whereas weekdays won't be. If it's a one-off trip, and a weekend is the only option available to visit, I'd assume the place will be pretty packed and hope to be surprised.
  14. I'm surprised to hear that there were any complaints about the pitstop or pacing at all (not that I've actually heard these complaints myself). I rode it a bunch of times before it officially opened, and that part of the ride was consistently fast. I don't think there were any instances in which the pitstop lasted more than 10 seconds (operations were excellent). Of course, I suppose any delays there would be due to incoming riders struggling to understand how coaster trains work and/or where they are (akin to TC). There was nothing in that particular section when I rode it aside from a few sc
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