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  1. I wouldn't be mad about seeing Goliath go. I was there last week and there was no train to be seen. A piece of track was removed from the station as well but I assume that's how they get the train on and off.
  2. Anyone know how busy the park will be on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend? I've never gone during that time before and I'm expecting a lot of crowds.
  3. Such a shame to see my homepark get worse every year. I really hope they turn things around but I'm not very hopeful.
  4. Since it's a clone of Griffon it would be much easier for B&M to just reuse the older trains instead of redo a lot of calculations for adding vest trains to it.
  5. I love the new colors, but I don't like Slingshot's new location right in front of Riddler. Also I love how the renders were full of foliage but the real thing has no trees whatsoever.
  6. This will be a great addition to the area! Hopefully Holiday Park in Germany can get a wooden coaster too in the near future.
  7. The 360 POV showed the trains having vest restraints.
  8. According to a park spokesperson, the ride has been sold to a park outside of Europe.
  9. Wicked Cyclone has great airtime. Superman's air on the other hand is pretty overrated and apart from the shield hill really doesn't deliver much. It also doesn't help that the restraints kill like 90% of the airtime.
  10. Looking closely at the animatronic it's quite clear that they were making a Hillary bot and just hastily plastered Trump's face on it when he won. The jawbones are a clear giveaway of this. Regardless of whether you like Trump or not he's still a president and therefore belongs in the Hall of Presidents along with all the others.
  11. Here's an NL2 recreation by KingRCT3 that shows the full layout. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. I've only been on Wooden Warrior and that is a very fun ride.
  13. Wasn't there a rumor about the park building a new hotel for this land as well? I can't imagine them being done for 2018 if that's the case.
  14. How dare anyone criticize the beauty that is Voodoo Jumper. I rode it in August and it was incredible and insanely fun. It's now one of my all time favorite flats.
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