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  1. The whale animatronic is my favorite part of the ride! It just looks so realistic.
  2. Wildcat was actually retracked by M&V not GCI. GCI just provided the new trains.
  3. Here's a POV from the Gravity Group [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  4. Wow this looks awesome! A steampunk themed flyer will be amazing! The image at the end of the video has a rider with a Vekoma vest. I'm really excited for Vekoma especially seeing what they're capable now with Lech Coaster this should be great as well.
  5. This is the only news the park has released about Wildcat. No clue if this will actually happen or not since it was supposed to open Memorial Day weekend and I'm not even sure if they've tested the ride yet.
  6. It's the new trains. The ride was fine in 2012 when it ran the original trains and it was probably my favorite ride in the whole park. It's unfortunate the new trains ruined the ride so much and at this point I'm afraid they might have done some damage to the track as well.
  7. I love how nice the theming turned out! I can't wait for a POV
  8. I'd suggest going to Joker first since it's the new ride and will garner the most lines and it does not have good capacity. There is a single rider line but you still have to wait through the switchbacks to get to it. Go for the green side if you can since it's much better than the purple. Mind Eraser's new trains are a huge improvement and even though it is a bit rough, it's not painful since there are vests. If the park isn't too busy they might let you choose seats on most rides. Last time I was there you were allowed to choose seats on both Superman and WC. For Superman definitely wait for the front row and try to keep the restraint loose for the best experience. I find Wicked Cyclone to be the best in the back left. For Pandemonium and Scream the Flash Pass line also act as the single rider line. If you actually want to ride Goliath try to get the front row as it's bearable there.
  9. It was strange how much ejector I got on Superman this year. It's definitely better than last year, but the restraints still ruin the ride experience for me.
  10. Just a heads up. The green side of Joker is definitely better than the purple side and it is much easier to flip on the green side. Most flips I got on one ride was 4. Mind Eraser's new trains were great and improved the ride a lot. Superman and WC were also running great.
  11. Both Boulder Dash an Wildcat were retracked by M&V this year. Given that they've pretty much replaced the entire track and are using Millennium Fliers, I'd be surprised if it was rough. It will definitely run faster though since the new trains are shorter than the PTC's were.
  12. I've always liked the El Loco designs. The one at Adventuredome is amazing!
  13. I love Lake Compounce and can't wait to get out and try Wildcat when it opens later. It will definitely take a while before the entire park is connected with a loop but hopefully we get a coaster that utilizes the lake later on. Is there any reason for Down Time's topper to be gone this year? I hope it returns soon.
  14. Here's some POV, offride, and queueline footage! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  15. Last I heard the SFX coaster was opening this summer, but I wouldn't get my hopes up since it was supposed to open a year ago.
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