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  1. Here's a video from the park [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  2. The family is now suing the park http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4507636/Family-Evha-Jannath-SUE-Drayton-Manor-drowning.html
  3. I assume the theming isn't finished yet due to all the blue walls around the station. Hopefully they finish it soon!
  4. I was at the park this Saturday and the ops on Kingda Ka were god awful. They ran one train on Ka and then waited for Zumanjaro to go. One train on Ka is not nearly enough time for them to unload and load Zumanjaro since they launched the train when the catch cars were about halfway down the tower so we would just wait there for a good 2 minutes while a second train was already on the launch track for them to run Zumanjaro. Bizarro was also stacking 3 trains and had 3-5 minute dispatches since the ride op felt the need to make bad jokes all the time. Batman was running amazingly well and was incredibly forceful. Nitro was running pretty good as well.
  5. Today at GADV they were opping Kingda Ka horribly. They ran one train on KK then waited for Zumanjaro to load and run. Since one train is not long enough for Zumanjaro to unload and load we would just wait for 2 minutes for them to get ready even though they had a train queued for launch anyways. They also stacked all 3 Bizarro trains and took forever to check the restraints.
  6. That ski slope building looks much better than this one at Wanda Harbin
  7. The wing coaster looks good but it's a bit disappointing to see that all rotations are to the right.
  8. Gale Force got a new train design to help with articulation and reduce the screeching. There is now a separate back row. Also they have a very interesting way of getting the supports to connect to the track
  9. Is the Intamin water coaster still going to be for 2017?
  10. If I remember correctly the ride had a woodworm problem.
  11. Here's a picture of the new trains. It appears to have vest restraints.
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