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  1. I expected there to be a bit more smog in the pictures but that actually looks pretty nice!
  2. Wow the hotel looks amazing. I really wish I could get out to this park one day.
  3. So does Golden Horse have a surplus of paint in those colors or something? Seems like every invert they make has that color scheme now.
  4. Going to see La La Land probably on the 20th and I'm beyond hyped. I've already listened to the soundtrack and it's very good. I'm really excited to see a modern day take on a 1950's style Hollywood musical.
  5. Any update on the weird knockoff launch coaster thing?
  6. The problem is that the park would have to retrack the entirety of Boulder Dash if it wants to put new trains on since the new trains will be much lighter than the PTC's and any roughness will be exacerbated on ride.
  7. It's great to see this park make a comeback after Hurricane Sandy!
  8. since we know its a hoax now might I ask where you got this info from The M&V retracking was confirmed on the parks official Instagram. The park also posted a picture of a Millennium Flyer train so we have reason to believe either BD or WC or both are getting new trains this year.
  9. Rus is also highly unreliable as well. Last year he said that LC and SF media events don't allow you to bring a guest with you despite the parks asking about guests in a way to get more people to buy ACE memberships. I'd take everything that comes out from these sources with a grain of salt.
  10. Lake Compounce have confirmed that this information is fake
  11. Where did you find this? Why would Alan Schilke design the double up when the trackwork is being done with M&V? A part of me really hopes this is false because the triple up is one of my favorite parts of the ride and I'd hate to see it go.
  12. Which park in Vietnam has the enormous cable car ride over the ocean? Any pictures of that? The supports for it looked absolutely massive.
  13. I've checked the park's social media and they haven't posted anything in addition to the two Instagram posts mentioned before. Since M&V works with Gravity Group Timberliners would be more likely than Millennium Flyers.
  14. Strange how it's a clone of the ride at Wanda Nanchang yet uses a completely different track and train style.
  15. Lake Compounce: 1. Boulder Dash 2. Phobia 3. Zoomerang 4. Wildcat
  16. ^Zoomerang is actually the best boomerang I've ridden because it's actually not rough at all. Wildcat could use some more TLC though.
  17. 1. Alpengeist (My love for this coaster is irrational, but I don't really care) 2. OzIris (Once again irrational love) 3. Afterburn (Fun and forceful, but a bit overhyped) 4. Batman (Backwards > Forwards) 5. Silver Bullet (Meh besides the helix and loop)
  18. POV of the triple launch Intamin in Hefei [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  19. This isn't the Energylandia ride, but a different proposal for hyper coasters. It seems to have Over the shoulder lap bars.
  20. According to Screamscape, Olympia Looping will no longer be going to England.
  21. I found Phobia to be much better than Tempesto in terms of restraints, force, and overall experience.
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