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  1. I'm surprised that much snow even got in the station to begin with.
  2. Goliath was most definitely an upgrade to Shipwreck Falls opening year. The new train destroyed any chance of me liking that ride ever again. I'm also pissed they removed the skyride for a locker building and still have not removed the old towers.
  3. I like the placement of the ride at least. It'll be nice to have Joker next to Batman. It's strange to see the slingshot with only half a tower though lol.
  4. If you do Goliath make sure to try and catch it first thing at opening since it likes to go down often. Or just skip it cause it sucks with the Premier trains anyways.
  5. I really hope they don't RMC Mega Zeph. It looks like a great ride and one of the best CCI's.
  6. Isn't the water splashdown supposed to be after the second inversion? There doesn't seem to be any indication of that in the render.
  7. Noticed that Phobia is listed as closed on the park index.
  8. It might sound lame but I'm really excited for the Wildcat and Boulder Dash refurbishments for next year. I really couldn't care less about the Joker at SFNE. I'm also looking forward to Star Trek at Movie Park Germany and the new Vekoma coaster in Poland.
  9. I really enjoyed Riddler's Revenge, Vortex at Carowinds, and Skyrider. Those rides were really fun and not painful at all (Skyrider was a little rough but not too bad) Green Lantern on the other hand was horrible.
  10. Premier Skyloops are great rides! They have some nice forces and airtime.
  11. 1. Superman - SFNE 2. Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland 3. Apollo's Chariot - BGW 4. Nitro - SFGADV 5. Goliath - SFMM
  12. Sorry if I'm wrong about this, but doesn't the park have a rapids ride?
  13. I can't wait for the DreamWorks area to open. I really wanna see the POV's of the launch coaster and inverted coaster.
  14. ^Wicked Cyclone is an extremely temperamental ride. I've had days where it has crawled into the brakes and days where it hauled into the brakes.
  15. I've always wanted to ride Venus and the park's weird log flume with a helix. Sad to see the park go I hope they can at least relocate Venus and Zaturn.
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