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  1. Off Topic, but I am going soon and I was wondering, does Fahrenheit still have like a 2 hour wait? It has for the past two years now and I'm just wondering how the line is this year.
  2. ^ That's how I feel lol. I thought that the airtime on Nitro was good, but just not as good as AC's. I do love that helix on Nitro though!
  3. When I rode front row like a month ago, I noticed very little rattling....and it was very smooth. Not one headbang.
  4. As much as SFA desperately needs a new ride of some sort to the actual park, is it just me that thinks a simple way to make the park look way better would be to simply add some trees around the park? I mean one of the main reasons I dislike SFA is because of the lack of shade and barren look of the place. It would look SO much better with a few more trees here and there near the midways, rides, and other areas. A new ride doesn't hurt either though.
  5. Not to get off topic from gum here , but I'm going pretty soon and my group is planning to get to the park at opening, so I was wondering what coasters should we hit first? I know KK, but I'm curious as to how long lines for El Toro and Nitro get to. Thanks.
  6. Thanks man, and no, I didn't get any other angles from the waterpark, but yes, I got that one shot from the first wave pool. I305 can pretty much be seen from anywhere in the waterpark though, it's very impressive looking.
  7. Oh my gosh! That's my video! Thanks for watching it dude!
  8. The ride seemed awful fast today to just be 80mph. I could barely keep my eyes open, but hey, if it is only 80, then it's still a sweet ride
  9. Oh yeah, of course KD will advertise it at going 94. I heard from someone on a forum that it goes 85. I'm not sure if it is a reliable source though, since it was just one person saying it.
  10. Even though I305 is slower, it's still fast! IMO people on here are overreacting way too much. Did anyone hear about a confirmed new speed of the ride now though?
  11. Wasn't the problem with the wheels being chewed up everyday the main problem? If the trims don't fix the blacking out problem, then I hope they remove them. But, If the trims fix the wheel problem, I think it's a good chance they'll stay.
  12. I really hope that they will wait until Memorial Day weekend is over until they do this. Let me ride I305 in it's full glory once, King Dominion, at least once!
  13. Speaking of Superman, I went to SFA this past Saturday, and only the blue train was running. I saw maintenance workers working on the red train. They seemed to be working on the wheel assemblies, but I'm not sure...
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