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  1. At least there are some good things happening in the park, but they'll need to do a lot to redeem themselves from this horrible season. I doubt they'll ever get another train for BD in the near future, but we can still hope.
  2. The spike concept looks like it could be kinda cool if implemented on an actually good layout.
  3. The layout of the hyper has been changed again [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  4. I loved Olympia Looping when I rode it in August and that was only with 5 cars! I really gotta try to catch it running 7 cars next time.
  5. Movie Park Germany is not a very well run park by any means and I honestly can't see myself going back there ever again. Operations at Lake Compounce this year have started to worsen as well.
  6. I prefer Black Mamba to many inverts, including Afterburn, Batman clones, and OzIris. The only invert I rank above it currently is Alpengeist.
  7. The only rides that come to mind as exceptions to this are the two rides in the Chinese area, Nighthawk, and Hollywood Tour. Based on rumors it seems the China area is up for some major TLC and I honestly would love to see what Phantasialand could do with Nighthawk's building (although I remember reading that they cannot demolish it because of the town?). Phantasialand is honestly my favorite park in the world and I'll definitely try my best to head back every 2 years or so if the expansions keep coming. I'm already planning a return trip next year for Rookburgh.
  8. Yeah there's no way they can get this up and running before the end of the season. It took them 3 extra months to get Wildcat working and it's still not finished. I really hope the park gets their act together soon as it used to be one of my favorites but after the operations and management this year it's not been as great as it used to be.
  9. Forget about the crash, they actually were adding a second train to Boulder Dash this season?
  10. Looks like it could be for something new as Coaster Through the Clouds does not use any double spine track.
  11. I think we can rule out BigDipper trains. This photo shows that there is not enough clearance for the wider trains in the station.
  12. [fbvideonew]https://www.facebook.com/KnottsBerryFarm/videos/10154543960900876/[/fbvideonew]
  13. Went to the park today Wildcat was not open and did not test at all. Boulder Dash is still doing 1 train operations which was just idiotic as it had the longest line in the park because of this. On the other hand the ride is running incredibly this year and the night ride I got on it today was better than any other wooden I've been on, including El Toro.
  14. Are there any POV's of the ride yet? I'd love to see what the drop track looks like.
  15. Wildcat is now testing! [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew] Also the water cannons on the log flume are working again and are apparently randomized for each log. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  16. This is just idiotic. I was really looking forward to riding it again next week but it looks like I won't be able to. It also doesn't seem like Wildcat will be opening any time soon as it hasn't even begun testing yet.
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