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  1. I know for sure that the ops were pushing the bars down on opening weekend for Timbers. Same thing with Steel Vengeance when I went in June. From what I've experienced with Lightning Rod and Outlaw Run, you get to pull the bar down yourself.
  2. When I was at Dollywood in the beginning of the month, I was told by workers that they were putting new track on part of the ride. I can only assume it would be the drop as that's the roughest part of the ride. What do you guys think?
  3. Assigning rows at Dorney??? I've been there a LOT and I have yet to see them do that, even on crowded days. That's certainly odd for sure!
  4. Smokey Mountain Alpine Coaster (Does that count? If not, it was Thunderhead)
  5. It is free to drop off, just tell the booth people you are doing so and they will direct you where to go.
  6. That's quite a bold statement, especially since the driver should be responsible for the safety of their passengers. I don't know the specifics of their operation, but my guess is that there's someone who watches the weather and communicates with the drivers. There's no way they ask each and every driver to look at radar and make weather forecasts while driving a 30 something passenger bus / boat. The drivers should be focused on driving and leading a tour. Good point, I didn't think of that. There had to have been a breakdown in communication somewhere that led to the driver being caught off guard, especially with the storm being warned for half an hour. I just got back from Brason on Sunday, and it's very hard for me to even comprehend that an accident of this magnitude could happen in such a wonderful place. I hope they find out what happened so situations like this one do not occur in the future.
  7. That's quite a bold statement, especially since the driver should be responsible for the safety of their passengers.
  8. Grizzly at Kings Dominion at night becomes an amazing experience that hasn't been rivaled for me yet in terms of night rides.
  9. 2001: 1) Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park 2) Nitro @ SFGAdv 3) Wildfire @ SDC Not a lot of exciting things introduced that year, but these three stand out to me. Too bad I haven't ridden any of them...
  10. Bad news at Steel Vengeance. Apparently two trains collided in the station. Not a good situation. Edit: beat me to it
  11. KD must've installed them after that picture was taken. They are definitely there. I believe Lightning Rod didn't open with grab bars, they were installed at a later date. Anything is possible at this point really.
  12. Already went to Kings Dominion once this year, but planning on going again. Same with Hershey Park. Dollywood sometime in late July/early August. Silver Dollar City in July, and maybe Holiday World on the way. Cedar Point sometime during the summer.
  13. I try my best to enjoy Dominator, but it gives me a headache every time I ride it. It's probably not the rides fault, as it's a really good coaster, but I am very prone to headaches. Doesn't stop me from riding it at least twice each trip though! Taken 3/25/18
  14. Hooooooly crap. I think I like this thing more than Lightning Rod. Completely shattered my expectations.
  15. This latest test run matches the animation very closely. I don't think a trim will be necessary after all!
  16. I don't think trims will be necessary to be honest. The test run is only a couple seconds longer than what's shown in the animation. Guess we'll wait and find out for sure.
  17. If I'm looking at this right, it looks like no more ERT for Volcano. I really hope this isn't the case.
  18. Rumor has it Gary Chadwick has left Cedar Fair. Pretty sad, I really liked the guy.
  19. I assume they renamed rebel yell because of its confederate ties. I've seen quite a few complaints about the name, and the park has the perfect opportunity right now to change it.
  20. Major changes coming to Kings Dominion! https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/big-changes-coming-to-candy-apple-grove
  21. Looks like Ricochet is being painted green! I would post a picture but it's a drone shot, not sure if it's allowed. Also, there's a lot of heavy landscaping going on near Twisted Timbers. Lots of asphalt being replaced with concrete from Twisted Timbers all the way to windseeker and even beyond that.
  22. Really bummed out about DarKastle. I only got to do it once and I absolutely LOVED it.
  23. Possessed at Dorney Park at night during haunt. Wouldn't have it any other way!
  24. Apollo's Chariot. Such a boring ride for me. Surprisingly, I found Intimidator at Carowinds a much better ride, despite what people say about it.
  25. I personally don't care about the trims being there or not, just trying to get people to realize they exist. It could have a painfully slow chain lift and it would probably still be my favorite coaster. All I'm saying is that the trims are there (probably for the better, or they wouldn't be there at all) and as long as that quadruple down exists, it'll remain a favorite of mine for a long time. Edit: I'm also one of those people that loved River Battle. I've ridden it a bunch since my first visit in 2015. Does anyone know if any other rides like it are still around?
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