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  1. I think they only presented a future plan for cga as a plan to show Santa Clara county officials. It was harder to build before because Cedar Fair didn't own the land under that park. Now that they do own it, if they were to continue with the proposed coaster, it would be a lot easier to get past city officials as long as they're in guidance with sound checking like they did with Gold Striker.
  2. Almost no point in opening at all with how newsoms guidelines are. Theme parks are in the green tier and I've never seen any green on any covid map. It's dumb that he did that when florida is working smoothly.
  3. Wow, great photos. I know it's been a couple years...literally. Anyways, SCBB is scheduled to re-open with new covid-19 guidelines on Nov 7th. Limited rides will be open and working with I believe 25% capacity all around. Wether it be indoors or outdoors, masks will be required everywhere unless eating.
  4. Just found out not too long ago the parks in our area can reopen but Santa Clara county is forcing them to stay shut. In other news, scbb might be the first to open under newsoms new guidelines.
  5. Oh yeah, no complaints alright. I just hope all this virus crap doesn't affect our 2021.
  6. Definitely a hyper in the near future, would use the backstage road for the lift hill and use the parking lot and use scream shields.
  7. Let's see how this goes: A: Alpengeist B: Bizarro (SFGAdv) C: Colossus (Thorpe Park) D: Demon E: El Toro F: G: Ghostrider H: Hydra I: Iron Rattler J: Joker (SFDK) K: Kingda Ka L: M: Maverick N: Nemesis O: Oblivion P: Q: R: Raptor S: Shiekra T: Top Thrill Dragster U: V: Viper SFMM W: Wicked Twister X: X2 Y: Z:
  8. Looks like you had a nice solid day at SCBB, will always remain my top Boardwalk park. Who's up for the 100yr Anniversary in 6 years?
  9. ^I have a feeling it'll open how Gold Striker opened. Was in the back of the park when they just announced over the PA system,"Attention, Gold Striker is now open. Have a wonderful day here at California's Great America." *commense running of the bulls from psycho mouse to front of park*
  10. ^ This is full of yes. HP isn't gonna go anywhere anytime soon. On Jurrassic World though, I'm just going to assume it'll be updated animatronics, Special Effects, and replacing one T-rex with the new beast in the movie.
  11. Now imagine this thing after a full day of operation before haunt. That will haul serious a$$ into the night.
  12. I'm gonna say 5-10, didn't watch them but heard it was alright. Poutine.
  13. This is from the Gold Striker promo shoot. I am a meme
  14. /\ The weather is nice, but moody. California is going through all the seasons in a week somtimes.
  15. 10-4 rubber ducky, you're comin in loud and clear.
  16. Hey, this may be coming out of left field. But out of the few I've been on. I have to say that Saw: The Ride is my top favorite. Only when it was in its prime, basically opening year.
  17. I mean why else would you bring something like that into the park. You're obviously going in there knowing your're going to hurt someone.
  18. That's very true, although I'm still a morning person. I love to wake up and have a nice hot cuppa now in my xcelerator mug.
  19. ^ Only Better, since we just get to wake up and it's already announced. Rather than waking up, having coffee/tea, and then anxiously waiting for the news.
  20. Don't forget all the tunnels on Gold Striker, I always love that first one. You enter in at lift speed and before you know it you're hurtling out of it like a speeding bullet.
  21. I personally think they're pretty cool, I'd say a couple here and there in a TR are cool. Like, if you had one from each ride/coaster at the park. It would make the TR more interesting, as if they weren't great already.
  22. Agreed, I second this. As much as it's a kid park, they've got a kickass coaster tucked away in the back and everyone I've gone there's been no lines.
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