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Got to ride Black Mamba this year and I was really impressed with it. It's not the most intense, but it's one of them. I figured the setting was going to be the lone selling point, but there's so much more to it than that. The first drop has a nice old school kick to it and it's interesting riding one of these with so many non-inverting elements.


1. Raptor

2. Dueling Dragons Fire

3. Afterburn

4. Black Mamba

5. Montu

6. Alpengeist

7. Dueling Dragons Ice

8. Fight Deck

9. Banshee

10. Great Bear

11. Talon

12. Silver Bullet

13. Batman: The Ride

14. Patriot

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1. Katun

2. Nemesis

3. Alpengeist

4. Afterburn

5. Banshee




6. Batman clones (favorite is the first, and my first, at SFGAm)

7. Raptor

8. Flight Deck

9. Red Dragon

10. Great Bear

11. Black Mamba

12. Silver Bullet

13. Blue Dragon

14. Talon

15. Patriot

16. Nemesis Inferno


Still have yet to manage to ride Montu somehow. And I've always thought Pyrenees looked incredible. Nemesis Inferno is the only I remember to be actually somewhat disappointing.

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1. Alpengeist - I love the height, speed, terrain and themeing

2. Afterburn

3. Montu

4. Talon

5. Silver Bullet




6. Great Bear

7. Raptor

8. Dueling Dragons

9. BTRs - Every time I queue up for these, I think they're awesome, even though they're everywhere. Then I ride it once, and that's plenty. They are awesome, but too intense for me.

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This season I rode Banshee, and for me it ranks right in the middle of the B&M inverts I've been on. It's very different than the others I've been on because it's so huge, yet graceful. And while the second half is definitely forceful, you never really get the whipping sensation that the old school B&M inverts have, even compared to less intense inverts like Great Bear and Talon. It felt more like riding a wing coaster on steroids than a coaster like Raptor. New rankings:


1. Alpengeist

2. Afterburn

3. Raptor

4. Banshee

5. Great Bear

6. Talon

7. Batman: The Ride


All of these coasters are in my top 20 steel coasters except for Batman, which would at least be in my top 40, maybe even top 30, if I tried to rank that many.

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I still love Silver Bullet and think people trash on it way too much


I can agree with this. It might be towards the bottom tier of inverts but it's still a phenomenal ride and that weird, prolonged turn between the loop and cobra roll is a blast.


Definitely. The best rides are when the restraint is on a loose click, so the overbanked turn, zero-g roll, and hill between the two corkscrews is super floaty and fun. Definitely the "airtime-iest" invert I've ridden. But the helix has forces very comparable to Raptor's helix or the turns on the Batman clones.


The first drop is really lame though, I will admit that. But given the space constraints Knott's had, I don't think they had a ton of options for a steep drop.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I rank the clones individually, so here's my list.


1. Banshee

2. Batman The Ride (GAm)

3. Batman The Ride (OG) (Only here because it's one of two Batman clones I've ridden backwards, the other being the GAm one at my home park; I prefer Batman backwards for sure)

4. Chinese Fireball

5. Batman The Ride (StL)

6. Hungarian Horntail

7. Batman The Ride (MM) (This was just more sluggish than the other clones when I rode)

8. Raptor (not sure what happened here, but this was really rattly when I rode. Not quite GateKeeper, but that's the reason it's the lowest. It's also the least memorable for me)

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I'll be riding Montu in a few days


... yeah, you might as well just edit this post now and hit the enter key in front of Alpengeist to move it down a line and make some room at the top .


Ive been on 6 now, 2 of which were B:TR clones so currently





Batman (Great Adv)

Great Bear


You can add "fortune teller" to your growing list of occupations alongside weatherman, travel agent, and professional assh*le. After over a week of reflection A NEW CONTENDER ENTERS THE ARENA.


1. Montu

2. Alpengeist

3. Talon

4. Raptor

5. HITP Batman (Great Adv)

6. Great Bear

7. Batman (SFOG)


Honestly, its neck-and-neck with Alpengeist. I prefer the setting in the woods but the overall forces and those trenches (notably the batwing and the final corkscrew) give Montu the slight edge. More detailed review coming in the next few days.

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1. Montu

2. Alpengeist

3. Talon

4. Raptor

5. HITP Batman (Great Adv)

6. Great Bear

7. Batman (SFOG)


What's different about Batman during HITP, other than the perpetual blast of cold air throughout the ride?


I've only ridden Batman at SFMM and Silver Bullet at Knott's. Silver Bullet was one of two coasters that made me sick the first time I rode it. Batman didn't... go figure. That being said, they're both really enjoyable coasters, but I prefer Batman for its intensity.

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They put harder wheels on Batman in the winter so it doesn't valley. It flies through the course like it's the peak of summer. Just go. You'll understand.
Regular Batman just tries to rip your face off, HITP Batman tries to rip your entire body off.

I'll try it out this weekend.

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1. Top Gun @ PGA

2. ??

3. ??

4. ??

5. ??


Untill now I only have done 1 B&M inverted. In Europe there are more Vekoma SLC's, you know.

But in 2006 i will do a couple more B&M inverted coasters. Like Batman (SFMM), Silver Bullet (Knotts) & Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

I just found my list from 12 years ago at the first page of this topic


In 2017 this list is completely changed.


1. Nemesis - Alton Towers

2. Montu - BGT

3. Katun - Mirabilandia

4. Oziris - Parc Asterix

5. Dueling Dragons - IoA

6. Batman The Ride - SFMM

7. Batman La Fuga - PWM

8. Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park

9. Top Gun - PGA

10. Black Mamba - PHL

11. Silver Bullet - KBF

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Undecided between Banshee and Afterburn. Somewhere after that it's B:TR at SFSTL, because it's 50 minutes away, depending on whether we stop for coffee or not. Also, Alpengeist. Again, no idea the order except that I like the first two the best and I don't analyze my coasters. I know my easily chosen favorites and that's about as far as I go.

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  • 6 months later...
Having been on a LOT of B&M inverts... It's actually really hard to rank them. But I'll try!


1.) Montu.

2.) Dueling Dragons - Fire (Sorry. It will always be Dueling Dragons to me.)

3.) Batman The Ride (SFOT)

4.) Dueling Dragons - Ice

5.) Raptor


However, we get to ride Banshee soon, so I bet this list changes some!


Well, after 3 years... I think it's finally time for an update.


1.) Montu

2.) Alpengeist

3.) Raptor

4.) Batman Clones

5.) Dueling Dragons - Fire

32.) Banshee

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My opinion has slightly changed, I've gotten some really good Batman clone rides lately so


1. Raptor

2. Batman clones

3. Banshee

4. I need to ride more inverts

5. At least I haven't had the displeasure of riding an SLC yet

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