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  1. I don’t remember if I mentioned this coaster before in this thread, but it needs to be mentioned again anyway. The Bat/Top Gun is easily a top-three coaster for me at Kings Island. That thing feels so fast, the location/scenery is awesome, and it was really forceful. I’d actually choose the Bat over some B&M or Intamin inverts. I also have to mention Gale Force. Since the re-tracking, it’s been running smoother, faster, and it cycles around twice now. It has some serious airtime, and it’s the best steel coaster in NJ for me.
  2. I’d also recommend the supreme sweeties (international food court), the apple cider slush from the apple stand across from Sattelite, and the French fry stand next to Power Surge, which is much better than Potato Patch. Also the boom shakalaka burger (Phoenix junction) is great if you get it as a chicken sandwich.
  3. I got a chance to ride Squadron 33 today. I think it’s a worthy replacement for Tropical Storm. When you get it flipping (which is pretty easy), it feels like a Power Surge on crack. When you’re not flipping it feels like a drunk enterprise. Since the whole ride tilts, it’s a ton of fun either way. I also got a ride on Gale Force, and it was running way better than it did two years ago. It was giving El Toro/Skyrush-strength airtime, and it WENT AROUND TWICE! I also got two rides on Wild Waves, and it had strong pops of airtime in the front, and milder, more sustained air in the b
  4. I had both fried chickens, and I think it’s the same stuff, except the dinner was probably made a while before it was served. The chicken from dinner was fine, but the Plymouth Rock chicken I had was excellent and way more juicy.
  5. Some thoughts on Holiday World/Holiwood Nights: It was incredible. One of the best experiences I’ve had at a park. Voyage was insane, and as smooth as a wooden coaster with those kinds of forces can be. I was also shocked by how amazing Legend was. On the second night of ERT, I intended for Voyage to be my last ride of the event, around 11:30. Walking back up the hill towards the front gate of the park, I decided to stop at Legend one last time. Even after experiencing what is arguably the best coaster on earth in the best condition possible, the Legend still held up and didn’t feel
  6. ^On Revolution there’s two quick spikes of positive g’s when you enter and exit what I think is the loop, and Tatsu’s loop holds positive g forces throughout the element. That might also make it feel more forceful. I’m beyond excited to start using the app.
  7. Of course going to both would be ideal, but if you have to choose one I’d go with Kings Dominion hands down. Even without Volcano, it still has a way better ride lineup in my opinion.
  9. I keep forgetting how awesome that album is! I've been listening to a lot of old classic punk today.
  10. It was really upsetting since in my World Cultures class we’d watch Parts Unknown sometimes, and we’re actually doing a project where we have to make a Parts Unknown-inspired video about a place. We had that class first today, and that’s when we all found out.
  11. I can't wait for the new IDLES album. Their single before this one was very intense and repetitive (in a good way), and this one's way more melodic and upbeat than their other material. It's going to be very interesting to hear the whole thing.
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