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  1. This! Monday was a perfect day at the park, The light rain kept the crowds super dry. Ka was closed for the day, However I did see it cycle just once exactly at 5pm when the park closed early due to the weather. (trolling? :roll ) I hadn't been to the park since 2015, but I enjoyed this visit a lot and SFGadv is still such a beautifully-maintained SF park. Joker- 1x- Finally got to try out the Free-Spin, pleasantly surprised. The first drop and spin caught me off guard! Toro 2x - still crazy as ever. Nitro 3x - The Ride op who worked the control panel was so incredibly obnoxious talking about her personal life and her job over the loud speaker. Like nobody is trying to hear all that nonsense while they are boarding and waiting to be dispatched. Do better! Skull Mountain Backseat 1x Batman 2x Zumanjaro 1x - Ride Ops looks so incredibly bored. Me and my partner were the only ones on the ride for that cycle. It's like nobody knew the ride was open all day. Or they just didn't want to make the mile trek back there. Justice League 1x - Rode the SFOT version a week prior, I liked SFOT better. I could see a mouse pointer icon on the finale screen at the SFgadv version Bizarro 3x Green Latern 1x Superman 1x
  2. Breaking News: Apparently a ride operator has been killed by a Hyperion Train. Translation anyone? https://faktyoswiecim.pl/fakty/zginal-pracownik-parku-rozrywki-w-zatorze/
  3. This will be a Hangtime machine! I love the support structure also. It Looks like a great addition to me.
  4. Does anybody have any insight on how labor day/weekend crowds are? I'm thinking about making the trek out there but I cant deal with extremely long lines. Is it bad that weekend? Fastlane necessary? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi fellow enthusiasts. I'm heading to this park Monday and was wondering what other attractions/shows are a must-do/see other than the coasters? Come to think of it, I've never been to a marine theme-park before. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I would mark it as ridden. I had the same dilemma with Flashback/Boomerang (SFOT/SFSTL).
  7. Sea World Orlando/BGT - Birthday road trip in Feb Knott's Berry Farm - April, I'll be in town for Coachella so why not check out the new hotness Cedar Point/Kings Island - Betting on Mid May to Mid June to beat the summer crowds SFOT/SFFT - Just want to get the raptor cred. Hopefully Sometime this summer
  8. 6. Alpengeist 5. BTR Clones 4. Dueling Dragons 3. Afterburn 2. Great Bear 1. Montu
  9. Wow this is so incredibly irresponsible of Merlin. smh.
  10. 26 in the US now. That's a big jump! Where'd you go? 19 was back in February, since then I visited SFMM for the second time and BGW and Carowinds for the first time. I still missed out on a two B&M's from those trips (Tatsu-down, Vortex- We skipped).
  11. I'll be in LA late April for Cochella. I hope this will be ready by then! Looks very fun!
  12. Loved the POV, it gives you a sense of how the train dispatches should operate for those capacity freaks.
  13. So I've have yet to visit this park. It's always been on my bucket list of course, but I am so happy that this will be the top-tier-coaster to look forward to, as well as the rest of their line-up next year. So glad I waited 32 years! I just pray it operates smoothly on it's inaugural season, but I don't really have any doubts about that seeing that their isn't a launch.
  14. Omg this looks amazing! I'm just now noticing the inversion exiting this top-hat
  15. Proslide has been using LIMs on their water coasters since they built Deluge at Kentucky Kingdom back in 2007. I'm late af. haha. I thought this was a new advancement.
  16. To compete with competition? Giga's make such a powerful statement for any park.
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