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  1. My first drop tower, they just had to blow it up. RIP Credit: rcreride.com
  2. I can't imagine where DD would end up?! I would think that they would move it to the new park that Universal is going to build or sell it separately to prospective buyers, but it would be sad to see it leave IOA since it was an original attraction. Why does Rowling hate it so much again? I was one of those kids that never really got into the Harry Potter fandom.
  3. I think we'll see this sort of thing happen pretty exclusively at the top-tier parks (Disney, Universal, Busch), and even then only at the ones running year-round schedules. Even then, you're not going to see this happen to many rides any time soon - it's happening to Hulk because the Islands of Adventure coasters are probably the only three rides in the entire world that haven't had a single off-season since they opened in 1998. Universal has never given their Orlando coasters the major rehab work that every other coaster in the country benefits from, which is how we ended up here. There was a rumor many pages ago that Universal was looking to do this same rebuild with the Dragons next off-season. Robb actually responded, saying that he's heard very different rumors about that ride's fate... Hope that fate includes them dueling again, bringing back the entrance sculptures and bringing back the og name lol
  4. Actually not. Disney has completely rebuilt at least one Space Mountain and one Thunder Mountain. Hulk is nearly to that same cult status. They want to keep it, it's an iconic ride, but after the equivalent of 25+ years worth of use it needs to be completely replaced. Just wondering, but did Disneyland completely rebuild Space Mountain (both structure and track) or did they just replace the track? I definitely could be wrong, but I was thinking they just replaced all the track and left the structure intact. Either way, seeing Hulk re-done this way is definitely something I wouldn't expect to see many other parks do with their aging B&Ms because I'm sure this is costing a pretty penny. Probably 90% of coaster costs are tied up in construction and fabrication. This is surely a $20+ million project. Like what was said up above, Hulk is essentially the equivalent of a 25-30 year old coaster with the way it's been operated and on top of that, most parks are able to do some maintenance in the winter time anyway. What about the dragons though? Wouldn't those need to be refurbished as extensive as Hulk eventually?
  5. If you go to the previous page, you'll see the same question and a answer. Actually not. Disney has completely rebuilt at least one Space Mountain and one Thunder Mountain. Hulk is nearly to that same cult status. They want to keep it, it's an iconic ride, but after the equivalent of 25+ years worth of use it needs to be completely replaced.
  6. The Busch Gardens attraction update page lists Montu as reopening on Feb 13th. Thank you guys for the responses. Look like I'll be able to ride Montu after all, really looking forward to riding a non Batman invert again. Also I will shop around when I get to Miami for cheaper park tickets. I really don't want to pay front gate prices, if anything I'll buy tickets online.
  7. I was kinda hoping that they turn that awkward corkscrew after the giant helix around the launch into a Zero-g roll.
  8. Questions: 1. How long is Montu supposed to be down for repainting/maintenance and Cobra Curse construction? 2. Where can I find the cheapest *1 day* tickets to this park?
  9. This makes me very sad This thing always looked crazy intense.
  10. And here you predict your reaction in person: or maybe I'm glad I'm not the only one that was noticing this. lol We get it!! YOU ARE EXCITED! But yes this coaster is starting to look amazing. This might be the year I finally visit this park.
  11. No updates on this beast? I'm still itching to see the finished layout.
  12. S:UF! The ride experience would be better if they trains just flew back into the station after the pretzel loop.
  13. Why does it feel like those 2 pictures are from 1986? lol
  14. Correct because someone died from a brain aneurysm (pre-existing condition) on Goliath in 2001.. As far as it coming to a complete stop, I don't know the answer. I'm not going to act like I'm a ride op or engineer I do know Titan's MCBR was slowed down drastically after that incident. I remember when I rode it opening year we would fly through the MCBR, later that summer it was always a complete stop and slow crawl out of the break run. :yawn:
  15. Yes! the whole ride was well thought out, engineered/designed/themed perfectly. Also didn't the lift hill weigh the trains so they could duel correctly? Shame it doesn't duel anymore. le sigh
  16. I always thought the dual loading stations with the Mr. Freeze clones was a great design/idea.
  17. The constant 3 train stacking with Bizarro at SFgadv. SUF: The worst is when you have to sit in fly mode on the break run for 20 minutes. So uncomfortable! And El Toro is always a mess every time with the non-stop walk of shames. (although that isn't really an operation issue more like an obese American society issue)
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