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  1. Screamscape posted this on-going *rumor* today. I know that it's been mentioned here in the past. Thoughts? http://screamscape.com/html/islands_of_adventure.htm#Dragons Pic source: TheThemeParkGuy.com She's so pretty, I don't want her to go
  2. It'll be interesting to see this new SLC completed. I'm assuming since Vekomas' quality has improved, this fresh clone will look and ride better than all the others. Not that I'll ever get a change to ride it.
  3. It's doable, but from what I heard it's a huge hassle. You'd be better suited renting a car. I suggest taking the bus. If you don't have a SP, the fare is 77$ and includes the bus trip and then park entry (up from 65$ last year). It still a great deal considering how much a one day pass is at SFGAdv. It not really much of a hassle, just show up at Port Authority, buy tickets and load the bus. The bus driver will let you know when they will start the return trips. Renting a car might sound nice, but you will need a CC with at least a 250$ deposit, be atleast 21 years old, tolls fee's will be deducted off your credit card, have to refill the gas tank etc. It'll definitely end up costing more than 77$. I rented a car to Hershey Park last month, and I got a ticket before I even left the city.
  4. Put me down for this ride never operating again. The death was just too horrific and the ride is so unnecessary. RIP
  5. Imagine if Six Flags bought Hulks old trains (before they were scrapped) and re-furbed and retrofitted them to work with GL. PS: I personally don't think the ride is horrible, the first half is solid. But after the break run when it gets all twisty is when the head banging comes through. I still don't understand how Stand-Up coasters became a thing. It's such awkward experience.
  6. So you still ending up going? Lol I remember you complaining back in March
  7. You can opt out, and that goes for ever VR coaster that has came out this year I'm pretty sure.
  8. Awesome photos! Totally here for another terrain interacting coaster! Hope it comes to fruition.
  9. No. knaiwear I think you were expecting it to be a Maverick killer. Ride looks great!! I was waiting for an inversion to be in there somewhere though.
  10. Yes, but New Gotham was built right next to the area with a gate connecting it to the "parking lot" to the strip mall. What your seeing is demolition work on the lot. I wouldn't be surprised to see the building demoed soon. Okay interesting! SFOT was my original home park and I haven't been since 2011 but I'm going to try to go next month to see how it's progressed. This is a good sign that a possible coaster could be on the way. I just pray that it isn't a S&S 4D Free-Spin clone.
  11. Honestly at this point they should just pull a Mr. Freeze. New attraction for 17' Lightning Rod!
  12. Is this the same "strip mall" spot near the entrance behind BTR? It's been rumored for like 10+ years that a new coaster was going to go in there.
  13. Titan/Goliath - boring coasters that seemed interesting and had to lot of fanfare in the early 00's (due to height/speed/helixes) but haven't aged well and are actually quite boring. I honestly think if the girl never died on Goliath (brain aneurysm) then the MCBR wouldn't have been nurtured so much and they would still be somewhat thrilling today. But now the ride comes to a complete stop and crawls through the second half of the coaster. I do love the drop after the first turn around and how it curves slightly. I also agree that Titan would be better off with VR. Back on topic, as far as Nitro getting VR. I really hope this doesn't happen, and I need to make it to SFGAdv before it does. With the queue being outside and no shade areas, I cant imagine waiting 2 hours for that.
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