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  1. Oh sigh, that doesn't sound fun then. I'll make it to the park this summer to see what the non-fuss is about. haha
  2. Hydra is for sure an oddly designed B&M. I haven't been on it yet, but I feel like I would enjoy it. As I'm growing older I've noticed that I'm starting to like coasters that are on the calmer side. The rides that make you feel like your floating on air Instead of having your spine ripped apart.
  3. Lord I was going to go today, moved it to Wednesday. Summer is definitely in full effect.
  4. This is my first time taking coasters photos with my new Nikon Coolpix L840. Still getting the hang of the camera but some shots came out pretty decent.
  5. Visited the park last Thursday for the first time by myself. Rented a car, ending up getting a ticket in NYC on the way out to the park. bummer lol. But I was determined not to let that ruin my day. Arrived at the park around 11:30am, notice the parking lot was empty, figured I was a pick a great day to go. The weather was a cloudy overcast but the no rain in sight! Farenheight: (20 min wait) Decided to hit this first based off the recommendations on this site about how the capacity is shit. Luckily I was assigned to back seat. First drop was great, ejector air! The little fake twist into the Norwegian Loop was so fun! The rest of the ride was a blur with lil pops of air but the ride is so short, it ended so quickly! SkyRush: Decided to hit this next because you know Intamin, you never know when it'll go down for the rest of the day lol. One word: Insanity. I literally thought I was going to die on this coaster. I ended up getting backseat on my first run but it was not a Wing seat like I wanted. So much ejector air that it was kindof uncomfortable to me. I ended up getting 3 rides total, enjoyed my second ride in the Wing seat much better. By the later half of the day, the ride was a complete walk on. I did my 3rd ride, and realized that this coaster is the devil and I can't ride it again. I'm all for intense rides but SKyRush takes the damn cake. It's definitely not a coaster that I could re-ride all day. Maybe back in my 20's. I dislike how the forces whip your body around, especially your back. And those restraints are very tight but after finally riding this coaster..It's clear why they are that tight. SuperDooperLooper 1(X)- Thank god for Anton. What a great coaster, but it would be even better without that trim break. Anton loops are still unbeatable. Regretting as I type this that I didn't take more spins on it. Great Bear 4(x) I loved this coaster! The setting, the funky supports, the pre-drop helix. The first (second) drop. Love the twist right before the corkscrew. The ending was a little lackluster but clearly they didn't have room to do much more. Although I think a nice in-twist would of been perfect finale. I generally love B&M coasters cause they are so comfortable, not sure why enthusiast feel the needs to drag the company all the time when they have played such a vital role in the industry but that's another topic. Any who, this was my favorite coaster In the park. Very Underrated Storm Runner 4(x) - My Fav Intamin in the park, ending up riding with this girl and was asking her if she had been on the ride before cause she was clearly nervous. Here we are siting on the launch track, and we take off. For some reason I was thinking this was a LIM launch and was totally caught off guard. haha. The snake dive is so amazing, why hasn't that element being use more frequently? I'm not sure but wow! Great coaster, tad short but understandable. Comet (1x) - Yes for old-school woodies. Lot of airtime in the back seat, reminded of Judge Roy Scream at my old home park SFot. Lightning Racer (Both Sides 1x) - Great coasters, loved the swooping turns and it was my first dueling woodie. So fun to watch the guest reactions while they fly by. Wildcat (1x)- Never again. Skipped: Sidewinder (The Vekoma vest did look inviting but still skipped because I mean it's a boom-meh-rang) Laff Track (the line was outside the funhouse and I just didn't think it would be worth it. I mean it's a spinning coaster in the dark How groundbreaking ) Trailblazzer (just didn't feel like it) Negative: I had lunch at Decades on the boardwalk, I was in the mood for a good juicy burger. The attendant, I think her name was Brianna. I swear I think she was high af. She was moving incredibly slow and talking even slower. I ended up getting this BBQ burger with a bunch of condiments on it, BBQ sauce, onion rings etc and it was so disgusting. I ended up only eating the fries. I think the burger might have been a day or two old. All in all, I had a great time at the park. The park was beautiful, clean, and the staff was friendly. The lines were very short and even shorter once the water park started to get busy. Lots of opportunity to marathon. I was able to get park tickets during the online sale so I spent about 45$ for entry, 15$ to park and I bought a 15$ locker for my bag. It was definitely cheaper than a day at a Six Flags park imo. I had a great time and I'm glad I got to knock the park off my bucket list. I took some photos. I'll try to post them tonight.
  6. Quoted for emphasis. I've seen moderators on this site say things ten times worse to random non-park affiliated posters and the only thing they got were a hundred people posting that nina whatever likes this image.
  7. Except with a steeper first drop, immersive theming, a splash down effect, tight maneuvered swooping turns and 15 years of technology advancements compared to when Nitro debuted...etc. Yeah it's an exact clone if you say so.
  8. Probably already posted in here but a wing dive coaster would be fun with a full layout, inversions and all!
  9. Did they really keep the same trains from SFOT? Cheap ass sixflags!
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