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  1. I went to this park for the first time on 7/23 with a long time ACN friend of 15 years. We finally met irl and had a blast at BGW and Carowinds! Overall we had a great time at the park, lines were pretty much walk on with the exception of the log and rapid rides. Food was great, atmosphere & employees were perfect and the scenery was beautiful! Great Park but I think I liked Tampa better. Quick Review Alpen 2x- Took me 20 years but I finally got to ride this massive thing. It was a solid ride but not my favorite Invert. Some of the transitions are crazy. (Cobra Roll and Entrance to break run) but still a dope coaster, I like it better in the back seat rather the front. Griffon 3x- My Second Dive, loved it, better than Sherika! Tempesto 1x - such fun compact ride, considering I grew up on Mr. Freeze at SFOT, it reminded me so much of it. Those OTSR rubber band straps gotta go though. Apollo 2x - I loved it so much, reminded me of Nitro. Loved the entrance into the helix, and the uphill ascent into the last bunny hill. Loch Ness 1x- A lot smoother than I thought it was going to be and the indoor helix, had no clue about it! Keep this thing forever! Verbolten 2x - OMG such a great ride full of unique elements. Only thing I disliked was the super tight turns back into the station after the drop. But The way I screamed on the drop track! Invadr- 1x. Solid new addition, gave me RMC feelz and I loved the theming in the station! Airtime machine!
  2. Yup definitely making my first visit to this park next year! Bless RMC!
  3. Invert - BTR @ SFOT (& my first B&M) Flyer - Superman at SFGADV Hyper - NITRO Floorless - Krypton Dive - Sheirka StandUp -Batman The Escape @ AstroWorld // Green Latern Wing - N/A Sitdown - Hulk
  4. "Record breaking, OR NORTH AMERICA'S FIRST." The image looks like a Skywarp around Earth
  5. First of all it's been hard enough for people to get a ride on it no matter what time of day it is. Second the park isn't open very often past daytime regardless.
  6. In un/related WTF park news: http://nypost.com/2017/06/28/busch-gardens-workers-child-was-fathered-by-11-year-old-boy-cops/ Yikes!
  7. Might be a dumb question but generally how are July 4th crowds? Is it hit or miss?
  8. No way! You must be wrong. 2018 is not a big anniversary year for the park, so why would they add a major steel coaster? Also, it would completely mess up their steel-to-wood coaster ratio. Don't be ridiculous. To be fair The Joker did mess up Discovery Kingdom's balance of coasters. ra Discovery Kingdom does not have a single coaster that doesn't go upside down (besides their kiddie coaster). It was a poor decision by Six Flags regardless of how decent The Joker is.
  9. If this is indeed a Vekoma, it will be interesting to see how their improved their take on flyers. This will for sure be on my radar!
  10. I agree with the Thunderbolt love. Speaking of the turnaround element... I'm wondering if Zamperla actually ever created a name for this element? RCDB just list it as a Dive Loop but it's oh so much more than a typical DL.
  11. Alpengiest turned 20 this year and still holding on to the tallest full-circuit Invert Record. I think I will finally get to ride this icon this summer. Happy Birthday! *Photo source - Buschgardenva.files.wordpress.com
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