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  1. This is a pretty nice addition! Hope to check it out later this summer
  2. Not a coaster expert but I work in the marketing industry and our company even holds a marketing and promotional product account for Quassy and Six Flags New England so I'll share my marketing thoughts freely regardless of the fact that people get attacked for doing so here. I don't see how people who work in a relevant-to-the-discussion industry sharing their experience and perspective is so irritating. Thank you! Why is the majority of people on this board so annoying? It's a place for discussion Period! So lets just Discuss instead of trying to tell people what you can and cannot talk about. How can you tell someone they are not an expert on a subject but yet you have no idea who they are, or who they may know or what kind of education they might have on that subject or what kind of career they have? Not everyone on this board is a pre-teen. It's just baffling to me.
  3. This is what makes roller coasters the safest things on the planet. Preach! Lets not question the experts. When you skip safety precautions, that exactly how people die.
  4. My Rankings 1. Iron Rattler -First drop is iconic! 2. NTAG 3. Wicked Cyclone. (I was stapled to the point where my thighs were so uncomfortable, it was not the best ride experience)
  5. Another Intamin bites the dust https://www.facebook.com/CahMenezes/posts/1014382131952209 Maybe it'll be relocated?
  6. Fiesta Texas is the best park in the chain, imo. Quality over Quantity.. Clean park, great shows, friendly employees, amazing setting and it's like rarely ever insanely busy.
  7. Nitro little sister looks like solid ride. I'm loving the designs from B&M in the past couple years.
  8. Question: I'll be visiting for the first time on Feb 25th and I want to make the best of the day there. It's a Thursday so it shouldn't be too crowded hopefully. Of course I'll hit all the major coasters but is there Any must see shows/attractions/exhibits that I should experience? Thanks in advance for the feedback
  9. It's trending on Facebook. Cedar Point might as well go ahead and confirm it, if it's true. Bad investments do happen to the best of them, especially when it's investing in Intamin water rides
  10. Iron Rattler is everything! The first drop is insane especially in the back seat. I agree about the length but the setting can't be beat! Same for Krypton Coaster. Look forward to seeing the rest of the TR.
  11. Will my old home park finally get a new coaster? Time will only tell, but the park for sure needs another signature/custom coaster. The collection is getting a little outdated imo. Or maybe I should use the term stagnant.
  12. I never realized that Ultra Twister once had a vertical lift when it was at SFGADv. Wonder why the change. I'm sad I'll probably never get to experience one of these, it was always closed when I visited SFAW rcdb.com/4534.htm
  13. Question: Is this the same model as BTR-SFFT or the larger one? And I like the new color scheme and name/theme change although "Joker's Revenge" sounds better than The Joker, imo. rcdb.com/206.htm PS: ^Had the best queue ever.
  14. Here's a good time line of the park http://www.sixflagshouston.com/timeline/
  15. You are correct about the restraint, look at the open restraints in this picture and you can see how they work. http://rcdb.com/189.htm#p=54982 And yes, it's an Intamin. I've always heard that B&M had a hand in the design of those Intamin stand-ups as they were still working under Intamin at the time. Not sure if that is true or not though. The restraints also look somewhat similar to Iron Wolf restraints, that boxed looked.
  16. Thanks for posting these. I was fortunate to visit this park twice when I was younger. I was also lucky enough to ride Thriller *Taz Tornado* there as well. Astroworld had such a unique collection of coasters and thrill rides and the park had such an old school charm to it. She didn't deserve to die like that.
  17. Yeah that's what I was thinking as well. I love love love this color scheme though, so beautiful!
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