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  1. It's been forever since I've: A) Been to a park B) Posted So I figured I'd do both. Took a road trip to visit family upstate and got a chance to blend my love of coasters and photography.
  2. 1. Batman: The Ride-SFMM 2. Top Gun/Flight Deck-CGA 3. Talon-DP 4. Great Bear-HP 5. Silver Bullet-KBF But still many great rides I've yet to conquer.
  3. Well I for one am stoked. I don't want to automatically flood Knotts' projects with negativity out of the gate. I think they've done pretty well with capital improvements given their incredibly limited space and city's unwillingness to let them build over public roads. I've been (no pun intended) out of the loop for most amusement news but after looking at the POV, I've gotta say that I'm impressed with this project and can't wait to check it out. I haven't been to the park since I stopped working there in 2012 but I think it's about time I go back, most likely after this opens up.
  4. I can't tell you the last time I posted on TPR. it's been at the very least two years, but definitely longer. I bought a new laptop and didn't like the webpage my browser defaulted to, so I WAS going to change it to google, but I thought to myself "Why not make it TPR? lets take it back to 2008 when I was posting 3 times a day!" Long story short, the worlds biggest B&M fanboy is back!
  5. What say you all of the free agency moves? Lakes didn't get Aldridge... but I think their contingency moves weren't horrible. Could be a fan bias, but I'm pretty confident they can get a playoff berth (though I'm sure it will be extremely low (6-8)
  6. Looks like a really sweet layout, except that last twist at the end... Seems like the speed (or lack thereof) wod make the spin feel uncomfortable. (A la S:UF)
  7. Hiatus Kayote. I've stumbled across this group and love them. Worth the $10 and then some if you buy it off of iTunes
  8. ^i work for LACMTA, if it hits a public road, it will require a Class B license, with air brake and passenger endoresments. It would have to be a valid CDL from DMV, the park would not be authorized to issue that type of training. I'm not sure what the requirements are if it's operated on private property. With that type of license you could drive a transit bus for any public agency and make three times what an amusement park employee makes.
  9. "Get Ta Steppin"- Mos Def and Vinia Mojica. Beautiful song, if a novice wants to dabble into soul music, this would be a perfect starting point
  10. ^That's good to hear. In passing the midway you really don't see much going on...so definately nothing has gone vertical yet.
  11. I plan on going into the park for a few hours today and will see if I can get some construction pics and anything else going on
  12. I've experienced being stuck on a ride during a shut down for every ride I've operated while doing the test ride
  13. ^I can die a happy man when a park markets a ride as "Hey, it doesn't totally suck!"
  14. You know in a much similar situation when the Lakers put together a "big four" in 2003 they hit it off pretty well racking up wins pretty quickly, versus whatever the hell this team needs to figure out. You got a REALLY good wing player (no longer the best, but still elite) a center who shows up every night and can be unstoppable, another wing defender that can lock up the best in the league, a power forward who is versatile (but no more 3's Pau. I saw the San Antonio game /: ) so what us there left to figure out? When Steve Nash gets there it better make a world of difference
  15. ^yes I would say "gimmick" is the wrong word. Without those "gimmicks" all of Knotts coasters would do the same thing. In their current states, I love XC, BLT, MR, SSW and JC. Pony lacks anything major after the launch, and Ghostrider is just too rough to be enjoyable. Boomerang can be ripped out tomorrow and I wouldn't care. Hopefully one day soon Knotts will figure out a way to fit a 4,000-5,000 ft ride in the park. It'll be fun to see
  16. Apparently Phil's demands were too high. We're getting D'Antoni
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