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As of now, my Top 5 B&M inverts (which incidentally is one of my absolute favorite coaster types) would be:


1. Afterburn - Carowinds (I thought this layout was perfect, and it was full of forces!)

2. Talon - Dorney Park (As someone else mentioned, I feel this coaster is extremely underrated. Love this layout as well!)

3. Raptor - Cedar Point (I've always thought this one is awesome. Still get pumped to ride it after all these years. Great elements, including that awesome ending helix!)

4. Alpengeist - BGW (Massive invert that delivered in every aspect.....totally dug that wicked first drop!)

5. Batman: TR - SF Great America (I know they're clones - and damn good ones! - but for some reason of the 2 I've ridden I thought this one was better. Old school intensity at its best!)


Honorable mention goes out to Great Bear at Hersheypark. I know some say it's rather short, but I adore the helix right off the lift leading into the plunge to the creek!

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1) Afterburn - Carowinds

2) Raptor - Cedar Point

3) Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Europe

4) Batman/Great White*

5) Patriot - Worlds of Fun


* Out of all the Batmans I've ridden (SFGAm, SFstL, SFGAdv, and Sea World San Antonio), I'd have to give the slight edge to the original at Great America, however really there was no noticeable difference.

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1) Raptor - CP

2) Flight Deck - CGA

3) Silver Bullet - KBF

4) Batman - SFMM

5) Batman - SFGAdv


Yeah.. need to get on more, good thing I have Great Bear, Alpengeist, ans Afterburn waiting for me on New Hotness!


It's been a long time since I've updated this! I have now ridden 9 custom Inverts and 3 Batman.


1) Fire Dragon

2) Montu

3) Alpengeist

4) Raptor

5) Afterburn


Ice Dragon falls next, but it doesn't feel like a complete layout. Shoutout to Flight Deck @ CGA as well which suffers from the same problem!

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Both Dragon Challenge coasters are definitely up there. The sidewinder-spiral thingie on Chinese Fireball is probably one of my favorite elements on a coaster ever.

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I've ridden only 4:

1. Nemesis: Excellent theming, intensity and totally out of control experience

2. Silver Bullet: Very unique, with the sensation of flying over the park gracefully with smooth transitions. The final helix is very intense

3. Batman: The Ride: Perhaps the most forceful coaster I have ever experienced

4. Nemesis Inferno: Still a great compact ride with high Gs and snappy transitions

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5) Batman: The Ride - Six Flags Great Adventure*

4) Talon - Dorney Park

3) Great Bear - Hersheypark

2) Banshee - Kings Island

1) Raptor - Cedar Point


*Batman: The Ride is last because I have ridden it so much. I may not enjoy it as much as I used to, but it's still a fun ride.

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