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  1. I'm actually super excited about this coaster. As of right now KD is a for sure next year.
  2. B&M needs to do something to stay near the top of the food chain. I know the park has a lot to do with forces and intensity of a ride, but a lot of what B&M has been building lately has been weak save Behemoth.
  3. I'd like to see them work on getting a McDonalds in every park. I know this isn't ride related.
  4. Awesome pictures of the first drop from the service road. Seriously though, if you like airtime and you haven't rode this coaster, make it your next stop. All else fails in comparison.
  5. Great Pics. Nice reports. I was done with Valleyfair, Renegade aside(wasnt open, had to back track 2 days later to ride it) in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Had every credit and did not need another ride on any coaster. Even got 2 rides in that time on Wild Thing.
  6. My vote goes for the first picture for sure. It's not my cup of tea, but patch jackets are sweet.
  7. Any region that has Hades and Voyage owns entire countrys of coasters.
  8. Best site you will ever see coast2coaster.com Same thing with links to RCDB for every park.
  9. Mean Streak and Corkskrew are credit notches and thats it. I personally like SOB and think you should ride. The lift is harder on your ears than the ride is on your body.
  10. I'm sure I have a response somewhere in here but here it is again: Cant combine steel with wood but I will say that wooden coasters are better. Steel 1.Maverick- CP 2.Fire Dragon-IOA 3.Batman: The Ride- SF 4.Raptor-CP 5.Ice Dragon-IOA 6.Talon-DP 7.Kraken-SWF 8.Batman Knight Flight(Dominator)-GL 9.Superman: Ride of Steel-SFNE 10.Behemoth-CW Wood 1.Hades-Mt.Ol 2.Voyage- HW 3.Boulder Dash-LC 4.Avalanche(hellcat)-TF 5.Legend- HW 6.Beast- KI 7.Ravine Flyer II-WM 8.El Toro- SFGRad 9.Kentucky Rumbler-BB 10.Renegade-VF
  11. If airtime is your biggest concern in a wooden coaster I suggest you go ride El Toro. NOW. El Toro is far better than the Vuyage for air time. El Toro would be the wooden equivalent to Superman at Six Flags New England. Now, if you're looking for the fastest, most out of control coaster ever to grace the earth, I suggest you go back to Holiday World when you can get numerous night rides. Nothing IMO beats it. Well, Hades does.
  12. The Black Dahlia Murder. My favorite band. Closed out my concert going as I probably will never go to another one. Have seen pretty much every band live that I have ever wanted to see. I get tired of all the nu-metal heads that show up at these shows.
  13. Top Thrill not making it over the top is NEVER a bad thing. You should have tried to get a ride.
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