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  1. Wow, I made an update. And you are a little bit behind on posting these no?
  2. I can't vote yes, but if the event happens, I may be able to make it down there.
  3. You're gonna look back and regret this new style of reporting. I predict the posting of photos will return real soon.
  4. I don't even think I realized you were taking my picture in both queue's. You stalker!
  5. Of course Big Mike has to try and be the center of attention...and also knows how to ruin a good photo.
  6. Not a fan of spinning barrels.....looks at finger and is glad that plank was removed by that Spanish doctor.
  7. "They should put a scad tower on this ferry, because that would be cool. Would you want a scad tower on this ferry? Would you go on it if there was a scad tower on this ferry?"....
  8. You comment going to the airport to pick up cool people, then you show a picture of Moose. Fail!!!
  9. I don't know what's worse about shows like these...the people who get interviewed, the selection of rides or the stupid announcer.
  10. A trip report with other people's pictures huh? That is way too easy on so many levels to make fun of. I could see you now locking someone else's thread for such lunacy. And you can no longer make fun of my eating habits due to this silliness!
  11. I did just fine in Scandi thank you very much. Only hit McDonalds three or four times in 2 weeks...not bad
  12. It's like the All-Stars of the Brit crew.....or more like all the Brits I know in one TR. And everyone is sober...or sober looking....HOW ABOUT THAT!
  13. Schmoofy's the MAN!!!!! Coke World...my own personal "Nexus of Evil". Though I do like Aquarius......and Vault.....and the mascot.
  14. INSANE at Grona Lund...no joke! Amazing and scary...especially when unbalanced....
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