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  1. Wow, I made an update. And you are a little bit behind on posting these no?
  2. I can't vote yes, but if the event happens, I may be able to make it down there.
  3. You're gonna look back and regret this new style of reporting. I predict the posting of photos will return real soon.
  4. I don't even think I realized you were taking my picture in both queue's. You stalker!
  5. Of course Big Mike has to try and be the center of attention...and also knows how to ruin a good photo.
  6. Not a fan of spinning barrels.....looks at finger and is glad that plank was removed by that Spanish doctor.
  7. "They should put a scad tower on this ferry, because that would be cool. Would you want a scad tower on this ferry? Would you go on it if there was a scad tower on this ferry?"....
  8. You comment going to the airport to pick up cool people, then you show a picture of Moose. Fail!!!
  9. I don't know what's worse about shows like these...the people who get interviewed, the selection of rides or the stupid announcer.
  10. A trip report with other people's pictures huh? That is way too easy on so many levels to make fun of. I could see you now locking someone else's thread for such lunacy. And you can no longer make fun of my eating habits due to this silliness!
  11. I did just fine in Scandi thank you very much. Only hit McDonalds three or four times in 2 weeks...not bad
  12. It's like the All-Stars of the Brit crew.....or more like all the Brits I know in one TR. And everyone is sober...or sober looking....HOW ABOUT THAT!
  13. Schmoofy's the MAN!!!!! Coke World...my own personal "Nexus of Evil". Though I do like Aquarius......and Vault.....and the mascot.
  14. INSANE at Grona Lund...no joke! Amazing and scary...especially when unbalanced....
  15. Craig, you too have mastered the art of "speaking like Big Mike". The panthers would be proud!
  16. Wow, Mike you have gone to new lows to promote yourself. Lame. How about having your readers send you emails to lift your spirits from your SEVENTH place finish A valuable reader and pal
  17. I would like to say as the highest placing American that although only third place, I started in 13th place which is the largest gap overcome of all the heats. Secondly, big mike got thrashed in the first turn of the first lap of the final race. Lame! Then, there is a pretty red bush with big mikes name all over it. In fact, they will be erecting a plaque. Such high hopes from him led only to utter dismay. Better luck next time dude. And yea me!
  18. I'm with ya Larry. I went to sfne to the first official time this year and I got an email today saying I got a front of the line pass for two riders. My next one would be a paring upgrade! Good stuff IMO.
  19. "Getting kicked by a gay ninja" made me laugh like I haven't in a while reading TRs. I do however like Maverick...similar to Elissa, I'll take a front row.
  20. I was invited to attend the Bizarro Media Day at Six Flags New England on behalf of Theme Park Review. The event itself was amazing. It was basically ERT from 9am until 6pm and they opened up a few rides in the superhero area of the park (Catwoman, Joker, and the new Blitz slingshot tower). Johnny Rockets was open with complimentary, well, everything! Food, drinks, milkshakes and more. The event was open to media, Ace members and winners of both radio contests and the golden ticket scavenger hunt. Onto the photos! Last detail at the exit. In all seriousness, the additions made the number one steel rollercoaster in the world better. It is now more of a ride "experience", similar to what you can find at a Universal / IOA / Busch / Disney type park. For hardcore enthusiasts, I can assure you that it actually rides better (smoother, maybe faster, and possibly even more ejector air, if that is possible) than Superman did before. For the general public, who may not know what air time is, never mind the kinds of airtime, are sure to walk away with more fulfillment of waiting in line than ever before. Good Job Six Flags. Thanks for holding the event. Hot Fuzz gives two thumbs up (the other is behind me ) for Bizarro! View from the exit ramp. Last of the exclusive shots. Again, the changing audio effects through this tunnel are right on the mark. Second of three mist tunnels. The lights on this section are bright in the day. Look forward to riding at night. We interrupt this Media Event for a service road advisory....."Dump bodies"...LOL On the return trip. There is really so much going on it is hard to take everything in between the ride itself, the themeing and the audio. I cannot wait to see this ride at night...I was told by many a staff that it will be amazing. Lights have been added everywhere. These fit in very nicely in this section of the ride. The attention to detail is astounding as you can see those are real flowers in the upside buildings. Something I didn't notice while on the ride. Ninety degrees! Though tough to see, Bizarro has punched a crater in the earth....the raised art are the continents or Htrae. Here is what you look at entering the first tunnel from the first drop. I would like to thank the creator of "burst mode" as a camera setting for being able to capture choice photos. Hi Steve. Good stuff right? No, I did not suddenly go to Cedar Point. This is an exclusive view from the service road. Thank you Melissa Pinkerton for setting this up. You are awesome. I like this picture. Everyone is wearing Bizarro tshirts. I still have the old newspaper clipping of the first riders wearing the old Superman tshirts back from way back. Funny though, these riders were declared the first riders despite the coaster being open for two hours....(shrugs) The wind picked up in the afternoon stopping the nukes from firing....so you will have to settle with the "through the trees" version instead. At SFNE we can have our cake and eat it too. He is a portion of the group with many costumed heros and villains. Park President Larry Litton addressed the crowd at 11am. He is so happy to have this coaster in his park. He thanked the coaster enthusiast community for their (our) continued support for the park and his award winning coaster. You can notice two things here: Derry sitting with all of her friends and the new speakers. The sound is a bit too loud while sitting on the transfer track however and seemed to be the consensus of many who road. A small issue I am sure will be addressed over time. To counteract the heat, there are now three misting areas...not fog, mist. One in the first tunnel, one in the new "S" tunnel and the last in this tunnel. It is nice to see it return after being off for so many years. The sounds playing on the train change and coincide nicely with each of the integrated effects. Oh yea, and you can bet your intamin butt you can feel the nuclear blast while riding too. The heat from these things are immense. They can be felt in the queue line on the ground and inside the station if waiting for the seats near the back of the train. And as Bizarro dives into the first helix, the LAVA throwers kick on if it its not too windy. The new slingshot tower Blitz in the foreground. Only $6 bucks for us to ride and the money went to charity. Oh, and it's painted purple now, in case I needed to mention that... You always were number 1.....always. The attention to detail is really superb. Here is the 100,000 megawatt sound system control for the trains. Putting it in the middle of the train was absolutely a great move as putting in the last car would take away from the best seat in the house. Here are the new restraints on the new trains. Gone are the days of the leg shackles. If I had hair, it would be standing up on end....should have seen Christiana's 80's hair though afterwards Many monitors were playing in the queue but unfortunately didn't spend any time watching them as there was NO LINE! Me Bizarro now at Xis Sgalf. Auger of doom! No auger here in Agawam as it is an auger free town, or state for that matter. (Oh, there is one more story board but that pic didn't come out.) Too bad the blast didn't hit El Toro.....calling it El Bizarro. More...but hopefully you won't be this far back in line to have to read this. Ninjas make everything cooler. The first of many queue line story boards. Here is the ceiling image inside the locker area just after the entrance. Loose articles bad! Store them or me smash you. First change would be the signage over the station. I didn't notice the stupid tree limb until just now...sorry. Empty midways are becoming synonymous with things related to TPR. Gotta love that. My media pass and a Bizarro pin were given to, well, the media...duh. I have found all you need is a TPR bag to become a VIP! (kidding, don't go and try that) Maybe something for you all to look forward to? Arrival at Agawam, home of the #1 Steel Coaster in the world....
  21. You advertised your thread like big mike does.....with LIES! LAME... though I laughed at the feeding the shark picture....that was awesome. And I was expecting a shout out on the carousel for old times sake.
  22. Interesting they are putting the fog back in on the first tunnel. Maybe the new trains will be able to handle the moisture from the fog as they stated the old ones couldn't...which was the cause for the trains crashing into each other.
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