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  1. Shane, I've heard that what became X-Flight and Batwing, were actually supposed to go to King's Island and Dominion before being sold to Six Flags at cut-rate prices because of the mechanical difficulties and low excitement level seen from Stealth. Do you know anymore on this? Apparently, that's how King's Island got Firehawk up and running quickly... they dug out the old site plans, so I've heard.
  2. It floods every few years in Hershey. Last time I remember it, it was 2004 when I worked there, and it looked the same as this due to Katrina. Thank Spring Creek!
  3. Let's hope. Cedar Fair is kind-of running out of parks to build Hyper/Gigacoasters in where they would make an impact.
  4. Cypress Gardens had a Jr. Suspended coaster and a large Roller Skater - basically the same manufacturer and layout, just one was inverted (and it looks like they're sticking around for Legoland...) Wild Adventures has this, too, but the Roller Skater is the smaller variant. Gemini and Magnum, although they were a decade apart. Same basic concept for both (sitdown airtime machines), same manufacturer (Arrow), and right next to each other to boot. And then there's Glissade and Der Wildkatze, two Schwarzkopf's that opened at Busch Gardens a year apart. Also, Disneyland Paris has a looping
  5. That & CGA doesn't have the bad rep for customer service & overall operations that GL had....had GL not been in the hands of SFI/Premier parks before CF had gotten hold if it GL would still be around but it was six flags that truely spelled the end of that park. Yeah, but CGA's land isn't owned by Cedar Fair, and it's in a place that's more desirable for the stadium. Geauga Lake's land... well, like everything in Cleveland, isn't really desired at all. The deciding factor is always profit.
  6. BEST-CASE SCENARIO TIME! Six Flags America: Keep the park. It's got a lot going for it - some big rides like Batwing/Joker's Jinx and Roar/S:ROS that would be hard to re-locate, good location albeit with a lot of competition, waterpark that's half-way decent, ample expansion room, etc. Given time and budget, they could add 2-3 family flats, more entertainment, a dark ride, and a Big Spin-type coaster. Or to be more ambitious, they could install something along the lines of SFMM's Green Lantern (that would be a good fit for the place capacity-wise, while being unique enough for the market).
  7. Aren't all these rides about the scenery? It's not like all four parks have the same topography, adjacent rides, etc. Somehow, I don't think Knott's and Canada's Wonderland (or any others) will have the same feel to them, because of the view. Putting this at both KI and CP elevate them (pun!) above other parks, it doesn't put them in competition. In fact, if each park had gotten a different ride, then you would have an uneven playing field. The only thing I'm a little sad with, is what the rest of the parks are going to install (sans Valleyfair, Dorney, Worlds of Fun).
  8. You guys are missing a point here: it's always about budget with Cedar Fair. Intamin usually bids cheaper than the average B&M coaster. Just look at the cost of both Intimidators for price comparisons. B&M's are known for their reliability (if they can keep their gearboxes in check), but an Intamin ride can push boundaries with a cheaper price tag. A balanced park would have both, if you ask me. So even if CP's new ride turns out to be from someone other than Intamin, keep in mind that, for coasters anyway, they usually beat out the prices of many other manufacturers. (Also likely
  9. Your results may vary, of course, but on the drops, the front seat gets you almost too wet compared to a log flume/hydro flume. There will be a lot of people who loose electronics from the wave that comes over the top of the boat and hits you in your lap. Comparatively, the back doesn't get you wet at all, unless another boat's timed up on the second lift or someone's using a water cannon. I'd rather have an old Arrow log flume/hydro flume in the park than this... I've been on the ride ten times now (between opening day and one night of walk-on power-riding and half-empty boats), and the t
  10. Photos here: picasaweb.google.com/tideblue/CedarPoint6262010#
  11. I've been hearing that since '08. Everyone back then assumed it would close that year, and they'd move the slides to Soak City for 2009. That turned out not to be the case. Then last year, I didn't hear anything about the park, aside from someone saying they heard a new Subway restaurant was going in (which didn't happen), and of course, that 2009 was the last year for it, and the slides would move to Dorney or another park. I know GL sells a lot of platinum passes, which I guess justifies keeping it open. Hopefully there's nothing make-or-break about a year when something as low-key as Th
  12. Seems they're going for additions that don't add additional employees.
  13. I just have a couple quick photo update of Geauga Lake's 2010 addition, The Beach. I took a lot of shots from around the park, but here are some selected photos: I wonder how much the apostrophe cost? Any promotion is good promotion. The Beach! Little Tikes Town's also new this year. Looking from The Beach towards Thunder Falls These kids don't know how to play Chess. There is a Checkers set as well. From the park that made a big deal about cornhole, now comes... BEAR PONG! Really? Bizarre little games area. These cats had to have been recycl
  14. When I lived in PA, the Hershey/Dorney/Knoebels (and sometimes Great Adventure) trifecta worked well at keeping me interested. Now that I live by Cedar Point though, I spend maybe 2-3 hours a day, 3-4 days a week, with most of the time going in, parking in the Soak City lot, and riding Paddlewheel and Gemini (or Mean Streak or Magnum), and maybe one or two other rides. Even today, I just went in to take photos, I didn't ride anything. I do try to ride every ride at least once a year (still have to ride some smaller rides, water rides, TTD, and Maverick this year, everything else is pretty
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