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  1. Here's a small update. Haven't had too much time to work on it this week but I did get a good bit done on HRRR's queue building/line. Still a long way to go. ALSO,If any of you know of a CS set that has HUGE billboards please let me know! (The Neutron building is definitely just temporary while I figure out how to do Despicable me) That's all from Universal for now!
  2. Wow! This is fantastic! Layout is really well paced and the scenery work is superb!
  3. Hey everyone! I've gone back and forth with this game over the years. I keep coming back to recreating this park. I've attempted it in the past and had my computer crash and files corrupted and then lose interest. Well now I'm back and I fully intend to finish this through. Below I'm including a few teaser shots and the link to my first attempt. *Note: This park was originally a shell done using only in game scenery done by my friend Brad Barber. I'm now taking it and really trying to bring out the realism. I also wont be using custom paths to try to cut down on the lag. Let me know what y'all think! First attempt: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=63903 Teaser shots Hope you enjoy guys!
  4. Hey everyone, My name is Ryan Anderson and I've been really big into drum corps and the marching arts for as long as I can remember. I just wanted to see if there was anyone else besides myself who was in marching band in high school or has marched in a drum corps or has done WGI. This summer I'll be marching with the Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps playing baritone. We start our summer training on May 23rd and our first show of the season is the Rockford IL on June 20th. For those who may not know what drum corps is: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. UPDATE: I'm now going to use custom scenery since this is a very detailed park. I'm still trying to get used to rct3 again haven't played since 2010. Let me know what you guys think so far.
  6. I'm trying to do this recreation by not using too much custom scenery. What I need help with is getting pictures for the billboards that go up around the park and for the attraction entrances. Let me know what you think, I haven't played RCT3 in ages.
  7. This is looking great!, I was wondering how you got the Intamin cars on the B&M track, and if the supports of custom or in game scenery?
  8. ^Thanks guys! I have a question about my Raptor layout. Raptolayout.BMP How does this look?
  9. ^Wow that recreation is incredible. Update: My Montu recreation is finished. Let me know what you think! Next is Raptor from Cedar Point. Montu1.BMP Montu2.BMP Montu3.BMP Montu4.BMP
  10. Update: Kumba is finished!! Let me know what you all think. Next up: Montu. Kumba1.BMP Kumba2.BMP Kumba3.BMP Kumba4.BMP
  11. ^Thank you Matt. Well I have an Update and it's for a recreation of Gwazi at BGT! Next up is Kumba. Please leave some feedback. Gwazi1.BMP Gwazi2.BMP Gwazi3.BMP Gwazi4.BMP
  12. ^ Yes a heartline roll should go there but to make the rest of the layout more realistic and to fit correctly, a corkscrew is necessary but still gives the same type of effect. UPDATE: My Batman: The Ride recreation. I tried my best with the station building but as I mentioned above, I'm not the greatest but I am getting better. But anyway, give me your thoughts and opinions. Thanks. Next Up: The Coasters of Busch Gardens Tampa! (minus SheiKra) Gwazi is first and should be posted sometime later today. Any Suggestions? Let me know! btm2.BMP btm.BMP SCR1.BMP
  13. ^Thanks. I'm actually working on a Gwazi recreation. And I'll try to start on Kumba.
  14. Dueling Dragons (Dragon Challenge) Update. Please give me some feed back. Next recreation is Batman: The Ride. Also if anyone has a request for a recreation feel free to post suggestions. SCR6.BMP Castle SCR5.BMP Dueling elements SCR4.BMP Overview
  15. So I decided to try my hand at some recreations of a few coasters. I'm not the greatest at landscaping or making buildings. Let me know what you think. Next recreation is Dueling Dragons (Dragon Challenge). SCR7.BMP Incredible Hulk Coaster SCR2.BMP SCR3.BMP
  16. I've been playing RCT2 for years but I have yet to learn more about 8cars,custom scenery and custom rides and coasters. Can someone help me with learning more about how to get CS and do custom rides and such?
  17. Just 2 recreations I've been working on. SCR3.BMP SCR6.BMP
  18. My preferred time to go is about a week or so after Thanksgiving. Right after they set up for Christmas. I love how the parks look at Christmas time. One thing you may want to look out for if you go the first week of December is it's when they film the Christmas Day Parade, which is known to draw some crowds.
  19. Huh? Hmmmm..... I don't even know what to say about these. Comments from the SFMM facebook page on the teaser picture of Full Throttle.
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