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  1. I've completed work on the on and off ride POVs. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. Finally finished my work on The Rake. Currently working on the on and off ride povs.
  3. Just a quick little update for you guys. I added more scenery. Also I'm a little proud of these wooden utility catwalks I built; so I wanted to show them off.
  4. Hey guys here with a little update. I've got some of the lighting worked out, and placed more scenery in.
  5. Hey guys, this is my latest wooden coaster project. It's a terrain coaster themed after the Rake. The Rake is a well known story on Creepypasta. I've completed the layout and supports; though I am still working on the theming. The coaster starts with a dive out of the station, into air time hills and sharp turns. Riders then encounter the Rake in a cavelike tunnel. The Rake screeches and strobes flash as riders rush by it. The train turns to the right, and up out of the tunnel. Following the tunnel is the slow climb up the lift hill, the down through the rest of the coaster's layout.
  6. Hey guys, here's a new project I've started. I wanted to make an B&M invert again, and improve on using the Track 5 CT pieces. This is what I have supported so far.
  7. My work on Falken is complete. The video will be published tonight.
  8. Hey guys here's an update for you. I've nearly finished the queue and exit. I've also added some more flat rides, and foliage.
  9. Hey guys, this is my latest GCI wooden coaster project. I still have a lot of scenery to add, but the layout and supports are complete.
  10. My work on Grizzly is complete and I've uploaded the POVs. I'm also proud to announce this is my first RCT3 video with in 60 frames per second. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  11. Here's the second update on Grizzly. I've made quite a bit of progress on the scenery so far.
  12. Grizzly is a project that has been sitting on my hard drive for a little while. Mostly because I didn't like the original layout. I recently redesigned it and started working on it again. I got my inspiration for the lift hill supports from Desperado at Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino. Currently all I have done are the supports and some of the station and tunnel before the lift. There's still a lot of scenery to add.
  13. Black Widow is an old project I originally started as part of a "Let's Play RCT3" series. I temporarily discontinued the series due to the game crashing while recording. I decided to finish it anyway without making more videos on its construction. Black Widow is a Maurer Söhne X coaster with a vertical lift. I'll be releasing this with in the next week or two on YouTube.
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