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  1. I was recently stopped on campus by a young photographer who was putting together a street styling album. Here's the result. Yes, I do live in a rainy city.
  2. My top 5 5. Verbolten 4. Skyrush 3. OzIris 2. Shambhala 1. Leviathan
  3. In the process of earning my Bachelor's degree in Commerce, with a double option in Marketing and Organizational Behavior/Human Ressources.
  4. Bought last week Givenchy High Top Trainer Most outrageous pair ever bought: John Fluevog Perry
  5. S-A-L-O. Mentioning its title should be made illegal.
  6. La Ronde just announced today a new (paying- $7.00) attraction for the 2010 season; Terminator X.
  7. Jut got back home from my 3rd cruise. (twice with Disney, once with Princess) Up for a TPR one anytime soon
  8. ^It also is my number 3 woodie behind El Toro and Boulder Dash.
  9. ^^ Again, Coaster is CRAZY! I have been on it several times and it only gets wilder and wilder. It is just OUT OF CONTROL.
  10. Incredible Hulk almost 3 pages without being mentionned and now, 3 in a row.
  11. ^Have you been to La Ronde. 3 minutes and a half is QUICK there. And I'm not kidding.
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