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  1. I think adding audio to existing coaster is stupid. It adds very little and actually takes away from the coaster roar and rider screams!! The whole Bizarro re-theme is goofy!
  2. Would you rather have six flags name it Bizarro, Superman, or Terminator?
  3. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I will look for more reports from you in the future
  4. It's not that great. Probably ranks 5th on my list of Floorless coasters that I have ridden.
  5. I would definitely say the average SLC is better than any of the Batman clones.
  6. I would have to say SFMM. Ride operations are awful, no airtime on any coasters, park filled with So Cal thugs, advertisements on coasters now, absolutely terrible flat ride selection, line jumping everywhere, no family rides, poorly planned coasters built on parking lots with the only intention being to rival CP coaster count, and finally, it's rare that all coasters are even open. I have never been to the park when Deja Vu was open. Our mom would hate when we went there without adults because of all the trouble. Security was as pitiful as the ride operations. I think maybe instead of adding a new coaster every year they should invest in some better security, flats, and family rides. I used to love this park because of the coasters, but after moving out of california I realized what a dump this place truly is. To be honest, the coasters aren't even that good. Goliath is a snooze fest,Superman is the most overrated ride of all time, while Batman and Scream are nothing more than cheap clones. Tatsu and Riddler are my favorite rides in the park, but other than that there is nothing worth waiting over 15 minutes. I would recommend at least 10 parks over this place. If your coming to America from over seas, I would recommend skipping this place.
  7. ^really I think I stated my case just fine. I guess since you know him personally its okay to give "me" the warning. I am trying to remain objective as I am a former SFMM fan. I don't know why, what I say, is any different than what others do. I guess I will just be quiet. I am far from a CP fan boy as I have not been there in 2 years. Yet, I have been to your home park(BGE), SFGADV, Sea World Orlando, SFOT, and Dollywood in the last year. I have only stated my beliefs. I will say it now and I will always say, CP gets a bad wrap from people here. Just being honest.
  8. Why would you go to SFMM or SFGADV: the flats, shows, atmospheres? Doubt it! If Europa was in US do you really think more people would be drawn there over CP? Im not so sure. They do have Blue fire which is a Mavericky kinda coaster, but do they have a MF, Raptor, Mantis, TTD, Wicked Twister, Magnum, Gemini, and numerous thrilling flats to back it up? Absolutely not. The point being, again, you don't have to put CP as your #1 but don't lie to yourself and say its not up there with the best.
  9. Half the voting population is from Ohio. That may have played into Prowler beating Manta (maybe...), but honestly, most of the voters probably go to KI multiple times a year. Or maybe, just maybe, it could be because Prowler is a good ride. But how dare I suggest such an outrageous possibility? Sorry, I don't want to start that again, but please, I don't think it's that big a stretch.
  10. ^^I am talking about something a little more unique and thrill than Dark Night. Something such as Terminator or whatever MM will get next year.
  11. I hope this parks gets a new coaster soon. Such a beautiful park deserves more attention than SF gives it. Hopefully they can spare a few dollars from the SFGADV and SFMM coaster fund to give some love to this gem.
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