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  1. Below are some examples of my Theme Park Photography: Tower of Terror Rock 'n' Roller Coaster view all my theme park related photos and others on my Flickr Page or my Portfolio Gareth.
  2. Thanks all for the replies! Much appreciated.... To answer your question HELIXJ I have a Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-200mm AF-S VR Manfrotto 190CXPRO Manfrotto 484rc2 Gareth
  3. Hey guys! Recently I went away with my family and Girlfriend for a two week holiday to Florida; the third time in 10 years no less! It is also the first time in 10 years my mum has flown anywhere. We flew out from Gatwick on the 19th Aug. We got to hang out in the British Airways Lounge before take-off and were upgraded to Economy+ whilst mum and dad were upgraded to 1st class (thanks to a nice man my dad knows from work as an air traffic controller). It was a lot hotter then I remembered it being even though I’ve only ever visited during late August. The villa was the perfect s
  4. QLB 01 = Queue Line Building? Nice TR, some great photos including one of Nemmy that looks like its just floating in the air!?!
  5. Am I right in thinking that this, along with the turtle, where acquisitioned for the proposed heritage park at Margate?
  6. I was expecting a big bang at the beginning of the head rocking and was quickly disappointed when there wasn't one. However most of the synchronization was very good and I loved the kite at the end.
  7. I think the forum should now be called ''Theme parks, Roller coasters and Kidtums!'' Congrats guys
  8. can't believe this hasn't been up yet but: http://gallery.towersalmanac.com/albums/features/behindscenes/nemesis/normal_aaa_nemesis_01.jpg
  9. That sounds so exciting! I can't believe i hadn't heard of it before. I told my mum about it over the phone (both of us Alien fans) and she was just as excited. I hope (if it happens) that it is all upgraded themeing wise becuase googling it and looking at the pics i can imagine it looking a bit dated if the reused the old sets. The story is fab though.
  10. I find it quite funny that there are a lot of complaints about timing about attractions tieing in with films/books. Just have a look at the park right next-door! I'm sure that some of the rides didn't open at the same time the film was released, however look at the popularity, especially from the punter's point of view and not the enthusiasts. I for one am quite excited about it. Mythos was good for the tunnel and ending as others have said and sinbad wasn't too bad the first time. As for DD i'm going to shock people and say that i hope they add themeing to it. Don't get me wrong i love t
  11. Knightmare was a name of a really cool VR kids show back in the 90's.
  12. One thing i noticed in the video. As it switches to the POV of the vertical lift housed inside the main building you see a dark sky, birds flying over head and lightning striking a sign that covers the hole (supposed to look like an escape route i guess. Anywho, i reckon that's a screen that actually play's that as you are going up. which is just ingenious, i hope there are more things like that inside. I hope that hasn't been said before but i'm not going to read every comment on all 32 pages hehe.
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