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  1. ^Everyone I know that is attending the media day hasn't gotten any information, which is why I was a little confused by this all. But it makes sense in the way of getting the public in on this all.
  2. Wait...so this commercial shoot has all it's information out and it's on the 30th. But they still haven't put out any information regarding the Media Day on the 29th?
  3. I recently got a Rolleiflex K4B, which is an old 120mm film camera. The first few rolls I shot off where T-Max 400, they turned out great, and I cannot wait to get some slower speed film to really see what this thing can do.
  4. I dig Polaroid photography lately. Type 47 - 900 Land Camera Type 47 - 900 Land Camera FP-3000b - 100 Land Camera FP-3000b negative reversal - 100 Land Camera PX-70 silver shade - Shot with SX-70 Sonar PX-70 silver shade - Shot with SX-70 Sonar PX-70 silver shade - Shot with SX-70 Sonar
  5. There is a video on THIS page. The ride animation shots and the Zamperla bit have me a little confused, it looks pretty euro-fighter-ish though.
  6. Great reports from England so far Jer! Can't wait for the Alton photos and such. Ugh, we need to go back.
  7. Ok... I think the way you approached this was a bit on the harsh side, pointers are fine but to completely trash somones ride is another thing. After all, it is just a game. Whizzer at Six Flags Great America originally had a separate unloading station before the main [loading] station. Also, Tig'rr at Indiana Beach has the loading/unloading two station set up, as do many of his other creations. Just letting you know.
  8. Thanks, I've been enjoying my new camera a lot! If you are in the area it is defiantly a park worth checking out. We really have to fix this man...
  9. The Reports: Six Flags Over Texas [ March 12,2012 ] City Museum [ April 20,2012 ] Six Flags St.Louis[ April 21,2012 ] SFGAm X-Flight Opening [ May 13, 2012 ] IB with Cam and Shawn[May 22, 2012] _____________________________________ Indiana Beach with Cameron and Shawn [May, 22, 2012] Story time! --This particular trip came up on quite a short notice, from what was originally quite a disappointing thing. See, originally I was going to meet some of the Chicago gang as well as Shawn for a day at SFGAm. For whatever reason though I was not able to make it and was extremely bummed I would not be seeing Shawn. A few days later Cameron ask meet up with him for dinner, little did i know I had a big surprise waiting for me. I get there, we sit down, and Jeremie was there at the table. Then Cam wants to show me something else and Jo was sitting at one of the arcade games. By then I was looking around for any other people that may be there, then out of the corner of my eye. Yeah, I saw Shawn! He was supposed to have already left for Texas by then. It was great spending the afternoon with part of my NE trip family, and even better yet that I would be visiting Indiana Beach with Cameron and Shawn the next day! Start actual IB report -- This was Shawn's first time at Indiana Beach, It's always fun showing parks you have visited before to others. The park is one of those places where the atmosphere and location are part of the reason it's so great. not to say that the park doesn't have good rides, because it does. It was a great day all together, crowds seemed pretty average with the longest wait being Lost Coaster, most other rides being walk-on. Played plenty of rounds in Fascination also, I'm sadly no good at it compared to friends with great ball handeling. Not to forget the memorable ride Shawn and I had on Double Shot, one of the scariest things I've done at a park! My thoughts and rankings of a few rides: Cornball Express: [9/10] The ride goes in and out of previously existing attractions, has some awesome moments of air too! Galaxi: [6/10] Good fun, decent pop of air in the back seat on big drops, but not much else. Hoosier Hurricane: [6.5/10] Has an outstanding location, but that's about it. Lost Coaster: [8.5/10] Like nothing else i've been on really. The thing is just wacky and loads of fun. Steel Hawg: [7.5/10] This ride is messed up, thats half of it's appeal anyways! Just wish the restraints weren't so uncomfortable. Tig'rr Coaster: [8.5/10] Fun ride, love the close to the "ground" (actually the roof of a restaurant) turns. It's a Schwarzkopf too! Frankenstein's Castle: [8/10] It may be a bit cheesy, but it's definitely a fun walk through! Worth the small up-charge. Paratrooper: [8.5/10] This ones goes pretty fast, plus the carts rock like crazy on a breezy day! I had only been this once or so before since it has been down a bit in the last few years. It's a complete WTF ride the whole way through. Gotta love the signs at IB. Hand painted and full of awesome. Coaster track goes all over the park, twisting around the boardwalk. Thumbs up for no lines today! Steel Hawg is also crazy fun in the same way that Lost Coaster is. It does things that no other ride does. Yet some how it just works. The crack is indeed whack. Now a few photo's for the Schwarzkopf fans... Put your hands in the air like you just dont care! Good ole' twisty track. The flyers over the water on a breezy day. Let's just say, yes, they are snap-able. See Hurricane really is right on the water! As is most of the park actually... The ferris wheel has a pretty neat view fo the park also. You can also take the paddel boat around the shore of the park if you are into that sort of thing. I leave you with another Schwarzkopf shot. It was a great day with awesome friends, can't wait for more adventures!
  10. Just a few recent photos of mine... Old box camera and viewfinder. Lakefront fun. X-flight sure is photogenic. Fireworks from the highway overpass downtown.
  11. The Reports: Six Flags Over Texas [ March 12,2012 ] City Museum [ April 20,2012 ] Six Flags St.Louis[ April 21,2012 ] SFGAm X-Flight Opening [ May 13, 2012 ] IB with Cam and Shawn[May 22, 2012] _____________________________________ SFGAm X-Flight opening weekend [ May 13, 2012 ] SFGAm being my home park I go there well over 5 times a summer at the least, it may be favoritism speaking but I think it is by far the overall nicest Six Flags parks that I have been to. I love that the park has a lot of its charm and rides form it's Marriott erra still around. My thoughts and rankings of a few rides: American Eagle: [8.5/10] The ride is really fussy when it comes to how it's running. Either the brakes grab a ton before the helix or they are completely turned off. But when it is running well you get great air and it has to be one of my favorite rides in the park. Batman the Ride: [9/10] My favorite of the Batman clones. Forceful, smooth, and great landscaping and theming. Dark Knight: [6/10] Worth it when there isn't a line. It's a mouse in a box and you get lightly moist. Demon: [7.5/10] Great first drop in the back seat, not as rough as other arrow's I have ridden. Little Dipper: It's historic or something. The area of the park around it now looks pretty bad though. Ragin' Cajun: [7/10] Good ole spinning mouse. Raging Bull: [8.5/10] Good B&M hyper fun, really like the twisty last half of the ride though, great forces. Superman UF: [6/10] You fall asleep after the pretzel loop. V2: [8/10] Fun ride, that makes awesome sounds. Viper: [8.5/10] Also very touchy like Eagle, but when it's running well it's a great ride and loads of fun. Definitely re-rideable too! Whizzer: [9/10] Only two of it's kind left in the world, delivers one of the most fun night rides out there! Now what you are all waiting for... X-Flight: Wing riders really aren't as "showy" as I thought they would be. The ride actually provided quite the different experience. The movement through the elements feels much different than anything I was used to and kinda neat actually. The first drop itself is great in the back, being wiped through the twist into the drop. Then from there the ride is full of twist and inversions one after another. A cool thing I noticed is depending on where you sit on the train when coming out of the inversions you get a bit of floater. You also get a bit wet on the right back side of the train form the water splash element. Overall I think it's a great addition to the park, my GP friends love it and some people even say it's their favorite ride in the park. My score: [8.5/10] Gotta have some impulse goodness! SCREEEEEEE!! "goodbye." It wouldn't be a SFGAm trip without a dose of Batty either! It's surprising how it's still so smooth yet it's the very first of the Batman clones. Now this is what we came for today! They did quite a good job with the theming also. Good job Six Flags! The mist features were a nice touch also! Pretty darn good positive g's on the ride as well from what I was expecting. Not batman intense but plenty good. Twisty goodness. The whole track is just twisty, there isn't really any time between elements. See just a bit mess of track! kinda neat how the brakes and such are above the track instead of flush because of the wing rider trains. Then to end the day... what time is it? It's whizzer time! Hey R.D.
  12. The Reports: Six Flags Over Texas [ March 12,2012 ] City Museum [ April 20,2012 ] Six Flags St.Louis[ April 21,2012 ] SFGAm X-Flight Opening [ May 13, 2012 ] IB with Cam and Shawn[May 22, 2012] _____________________________________ Six Flags St.Louis [ March April 21,2012 ] Team Players: Cameron, Jo, Griffin, Father Griffin, Jon, Mama Jon, and Jesse. I've been to Six Flags St.Louis the year before and it sure is a great park from my experiences, so I definitely was looking forward to this day. It just so happens that the day we visited the park was my 18th birthday as well. I really couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my birthday than with a bunch of TPR folks! Not only did we hit up the park, we grabbed dinner after and had an awesome hotel room party that night. American Thunder: [7/10] Great smooth ride, twisty and has a few great little pops of air. Overall just a great fun woodie. Batman: The Ride: [7/10] Nothing stands out about this Batty clone really. Your usual fun forceful ride though. Boss: [8.5/10] Some others may not agree but I really like this ride. The trains aren't all that comfy but the ride is generally smooth and has good air, but man this thing is fast! Mr.Freeze: [10/10] Awesome launch and smooth forceful ride. The dual loading station is just pretty neat to watch also. Ninja: [6/10] Not as rough to me as some make it sound. Has a great forceful helix to end the ride. Pandemonium: [6.5/10] You're typical spinner, good fun but not anything special. River King Mine Train: [6/10] Nice final drop but otherwise its one of the lesser mine trains I have ridden. Screamin' Eagle: [8/10] Not much air time here, but this thing really is smoother and faster than when I last rode it. It was great fun! Sky Screamer: [8/10] Good ole giant swing ride. Goes pretty fast and gives great views of the park. -Don't have many photos due to not having camera on me. So most of the park photos are taken on my phone. Sky Screamer was closed last time we visited, was nice to finally get on one of these! 2nd gen. Intamin drop rides are the only ride that still gets me. It's just something about them that freaks me out, but I love it. This is about all of Screamin' Eagle you can see from the main paths, the rest of it is back in the woods. While not very re-rideable. I absolutely love the out of control feeling this ride gives. Sadly Mr.Freeze was closed that day due to it getting ready to run backwards... Luckily I got on it last year. I decided to try and do some "dip-exercises" on the que railings. Apparently people give you looks when you use your friend as a weight. Screamin' for the eagle. RAAAA Patriotic wood. Found some awesome magnets in a gift shop! Raging Bull was originally planned to go to St. Louis, they even were to the point where they were making merchandise for it apparently. We found some caves across the street from the restaurant we went to later in the day... Go inside? Why not! The cave was cavernous and moist. Griffin doing his mountain goat impersonation... That's the end of day 2!
  13. Does this mean I should start up the grill and throw on some frankfurters?
  14. Back from Michigans Adventure, It was such a crazy day! I still cannot believe that we were able to survive 44 rides on Thunderhawk! The last 30 minutes were pretty darn tough but we somehow managed, ok, the entire three hours were pretty punishing. It was a great event and the staff were pretty friendly and encouraging, especially the ride op at Thunderhawk [Ashley] who would always chat with us between rides! It was a great day with great people, not to mention it's amazing that TPR raised 36,000 altogether. Although I will admit we took quite the beating on the two rides, bruises will be evident tomorrow.
  15. Guys, she obviously likes it rough. Now on the serious side... I'm also intrigued to whether or not there is any looking into another Midwest Bash. The last one was a blast and I would defiantly do a similar event!
  16. The Reports: Six Flags Over Texas [ March 12,2012 ] City Museum [ April 20,2012 ] Six Flags St.Louis[ April 21,2012 ] SFGAm X-Flight Opening [ May 13, 2012 ] IB with Cam and Shawn[May 22, 2012] _____________________________________ City Museum [ April 20,2012 ] Team Players: Cameron, Jo, Griffin, Father Griffin, Jon, Mama Jon, and Jesse. This is the first day of a three day adventure with fellow TPR friends in St. Louis. This weekend was also my 18th birthday, couldn't think of a better way to have spent it! We experienced sketchy hotels, got plenty of bruises at city museum, and rode some great roller coasters, and plenty of other things. The City Museum is honestly one of the most amazing places I have ever been... True Story Even from the moment you pull up it is impressive, the outdoor section looks great and is just a teaser of what is inside. There are tons of slides, passageways, and stuff to climb on everywhere you look. I will explain more things in the captions as well. You might want to bring some form of knee pads if you are going to be doing anything crawling wise... wich you most likely will. [i have sensitive knees though, so it may not be that bad for some people.] PHOTO To start the trip I drove down to Griffin's house, I then carpooled to City Museum where the fun would begin. We were the first to arrive, as the day went on the rest of the gang showed up. Even before you enter the place you are greeted by.... Old airplanes. Promising. Amazing first impressions don't end there. The lobby for this place is freaking impressive also. See what I mean? Human Skate park is full of skate ramps that you can slide down and run on. When we were in there there were some guys blasting music and doing awesome free running tricks. Props to them since I fell multiple times just running back and forth on the ramps... Trippy, just like the rest of the place! Look's like we've ended up in a strip club... THIS PLACE TRULY IS MAGICAL. Now as for the tubes you can crawl through.. You can go through here. and here. They have added a new "wooden" section towards the back of the frist floor area. With one of my favorite slides there! Jon is short, that makes him very City Museum friendly. The caves... you will get lost in them. There is also an outdoor section full of more crazy death contraptions. Om nom nom dragon eat! More crazy slides, go figure. We then decided to quick get some dinner nearby and then return to the City Museum for the last bit of the night when it's lights out! Yes, they turn off the light late at night. If that is exactly a good idea i'm not exactly sure though... It's time to leave though, after a day full of trying to fit into tight spaces and getting plenty of bruises. It's time to sleep and heal. We then headed off to our hotel. Where me and Griff bothered Jo, and one of us found a homeless man sleeping on the hotel lobby couch. I'll have the next update up soon everyone, look for the rest of our adventure when it's up!
  17. This is awesome guys, It's pretty great how TPR is able to help out and be part of this! I currently have raised $203. Look's like I've reached my last milestone... It also looks like I have some catching up to do for trip reports now.
  18. Why do people keep saying it's seats need to rotate... It's not x2. Get over it.
  19. Yes, extremely jealous. It's ok Jo, corrections welcome! Personally I don't find the Intamin bobsleds all that terrible, while they can be a bit on the rough side it is a unique experience, and its pretty darn scary when the train hops in the transitions between turns.
  20. -I'm back for 2012, and with an all new season of trips and adventures!- There will be plenty of Photo TR's of parks, trips, and other shindigs with fellow TPR members! The Reports: Six Flags Over Texas [ March 12,2012 ] City Museum [ April 20,2012 ] Six Flags St.Louis[ April 21,2012 ] SFGAm X-Flight Opening [ May 13, 2012 ] IB with Cam and Shawn[May 22, 2012] _____________________________________ Six Flags Over Texas [ March 12,2012 ] First time at the park and first time in Texas,I was on a trip full of first. I found the park to have a bit of an awkward layout compared to other parks I have been on but that's only me being picky. The areas seemed nice and they had a pretty good collection of rides. Sadly I was not able to get on all of the rides but I managed the coasters I wanted to get on in the time I was there, getting more than one ride on a few [Especially Shockwave ]. My thoughts and rankings of a few rides: Batman The Ride:[8/10] Your typical batman clone, a decent one at that. Still prefer the one at SFGAm though. Judge Roy Scream:[6/10] It was your typical "classy" woodie. This one didn't seem to do much for me though. La Vibora:[7/10] I find Intamin bobsleds fairly amusing, such a different ride experience. A bit rough in the "transitions". Mr. Freeze:[-46/10] not in operations that day. boo. Runaway Mine Train:[7/10] Prefer this over the Arrow mine train at St.Louis. Really liked the ending. Runaway Mountain:[8/10] Putting a roller coaster in a box with lights always makes it much more fun than it should be. Shockwave:[10/10] I have an extreme bias towards anything Schwarzkopf, but for this little thing damn does it pack a punch. Texas Giant:[9/10] Smooth as butter, extremely twisty, and just plain old fun with some great air! Titan:[8.5/10] Don't expect air time, this ride is all about speed and positive forces. Does it ever do those well though! Photo... It was really cool to ride this as it used to be at Great America. We waited a good hour and a half after the park opened for it to open up because the trough the cars run on was still wet. Should have headed elsewhere. But we were the first ones on.... Did Batman in the rear, where else would you? Mr. Freeze was taunting me all day with it just tanding there and it nto running and all. nanananannanananananannaBATMAN This is what's got me excited, but will it live up to my expectations? Well it looks sexy.... and it makes that sexy "chugging" sound. Look at that butt! Turns out it was better than I expected. The air is great ejector in the back and who doesn't love Schwarzkopf loops?! This thing was neat, wish I had the chance to go up in it... Gotta love S&S towers! Now it's time for another Gem in the park.... But first. Enjoy this train. I never rode this thing before the make-over... But all I know is this was DEFINITELY a well made decision. This turn is love. this whole thing is love. Even the little pops of air make this a great ride, it just glides through the entire course! Some more Shockwave? Why not! Snorlax and Pikachu. BFF's Then to end the night we got a ride on Titan. One of the funniest rides of my life. The entire time this guy with a deep, very deep souther accent was making fun of the two girls that sat in front of me and my brother. Pretty great way to end the night. Overall, SFOT is pretty good for a six flags park, but Shockwave and Texas Giant really do make it a desirable park to visit again some time. They are both outstanding rides!
  21. Speed and height kind of do make the coaster, and isn't that what Millennium is know for? Please go ride some more roller coasters and get back to me...
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