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  1. Last decade I thought it was Intamin needing to put extra supports on their Impulses and pulling an inversion out of Maverick. Astroworld - It did seem to turn into a scrap yard but I do respect them for bringing us the theme park concept, being a pioneer. HRP went over budget to not have cash for marketing. I'm not going to hold anything else against them.
  2. It's an improvement for a 10 inversion coaster if I could take a corkscrew and roll out.
  3. In the 90s I really wasn't impressed with the 2nd lift being in the whole mix. I think it killed the vibe. Now riding the best suspended coaster in the world and the US' best in the same month: that really enhanced BBW. In April 2007 I was in Korea. Early in the month I got Eagle Fortress. Then at the end of the month I was at Busch Gardens. That made Big Bad Wolf seem like it was on crack getting on both coasters within days of each other.
  4. I have never been on the ride. I've only been to IOA about 2-3 times: 1999 Preview week, 2006. I had the coaster bug in '99 and in '06 it was down for rehab. I wonder if I'll ever get it now.
  5. I'm going to Flyers-Penguins Dec 14th. I'm a Flyers fan and got my own personalized jersey yesterday. Customization was free on Black Friday on the NHL shop site.
  6. My parents took pics of the disaster ship that came back to San Diego during their San Diego vacation earlier this month.
  7. I may go with an Olympus Rough this Black Friday. I've had 2 Kodak cameras that cracked and broke on the screens on the Canobie Corkscrew and Geauga Lake's Thunderhawk. Finally I upgraded to a Canon is720. The LCD is fine but the battery door broke open. I want a camera that could better survive the lateral forces while in my pocket during a cycle. My Canon lasted about 2-3 years.
  8. This kind of reaction is a rookie first ride on B:TR. B:TR was my first looper and over the years riding it hundreds of times it gets to a point where it's still intense to me but I've dulled down in reaction to it. I don't grey out.
  9. I remember at Rye the restraint just wasn't comfortable with the upper chest. With that in mine I wanted the face grills away from myself. I wanted that ride to be over quick. The spiral lift was pretty cool. I didn't have the Elitch flying coaster either.
  10. I didn't expect to be in the tr here first. It's about time to have it on the other site.
  11. Why destroy more woods next door? Demolish the mall that has their other failed project - the canceled surfpark. Freestyle Music Park - didn't they just manage Cypress Gardens too? More fails.
  12. Wait a minute: the park already has a 4d coaster. This Zacspin is like marrying X2 and Flashback together.
  13. I'm a fan of the name. I'm on a hunt to go see a cheetah. I don't have a gun and don't intend to shoot it. Get over it. Cheetah was already taken by Wild Adventures, Cheetaka is a weird name. I'm fine with this one. The restraints are hit or miss. I got bashed on Maverick, at least a whack on the original Intimidator 305 restraints. We'll see what happens. Americans are too fat hence the overheads. I manage alright on Kingda Ka and Stormrunner.
  14. I thought it was manageable on Labor Day, a couple old man jolts in the valley. My tail is still hurting a couple weeks later. Maybe Blue Streak roughed me up too much?
  15. The coasters but Skull Mountain were swamped Saturday night. I took that time for a walk on on log flume, Jolly Roger. Skull Mountain was 10 minutes. Then I went to a hypnotist show. I realize the season is really winding down when Fright Fest is coming around and the coaster queues overflow.
  16. It's not like 2006 when the wheel assembly on CHILLER's Robin side failed and thus the other Premiers in the chain except Poltergeist close for mostly the remainder of the season.
  17. We do have it at Great Adventure. Maybe he was thinking about the effect one has on the other. I would think ours would be fine in NJ since it was just an external fire at MA. That's unfortunate.
  18. I'm glad as of last Friday night it looked like the first layer of asphalt was removed for the area that will house the lift and first drop of Green Lantern. Friday night I think we had half of the green track for the coaster laying in the temporary staging lot. If the park still had that 80's fire engine serving the park I approve the fire department being disbanded. Typical fire truck lifespan is now about 20 years, like GASM. A new fire truck is at least a half million.
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