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  1. Last Sunday with one lap on 305 I completed a two Intimidators in one day run. I was at Carowinds' opening earlier in the day. What a trek to make the other with KD's 8 pm closing that night. I grayed 3/4 of the way through the first turn. The trims killed what I thought could be an El Toro or Maverick midcourse ejector air hill.
  2. For me it's now: 1. Montu 2. Afterburn 3. Raptor 4. Great White 5. Great Bear
  3. Pufferfish, I'll see you this Sunday most likely. I saw a pic of you in front of Timmy. We met last year and I'm sure surprised I'll be back so soon.
  4. This is encouraging. I believe in 2007 I was last at Wild Adventures on an early Sunday and both Cheetah and Hangman was closed. I also missed the Mine Coaster and Fiesta Express so I feel a fury to get back this upcoming week to get the missing coasters and the new ones. I feel like this could be a great redemption. I also own Zombieland on Dvd. Pacific Playland! I saw on the website discounts at participating Walgreens. Did anyone take advantage of that? I may try to find one in Northern Florida or near Valdosta.
  5. Probably the best month I've ever had for coasters was April 2007. I was on an exchange in Korea and got to ride Eagle Fortress on April 6. This was when the "Coming soon" was on the Everland map before T-Express was constructed. Then later in the month I was on Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens. I think my incredible ride on Eagle Fortress enhanced the effects I saw on Big Bad Wolf. What a duo in a month. I'll miss Eagle Fortress for its truest of sense being a terrain coaster, hugging that lush mountaintop. I had no problem sacrificing a ride on the nearby Vekoma looping clone so I could ride Eagle Fortress and Double Rock Spin, still my favorite park installation Topspin ever. HRP should have had that type of Topspin with two giant guitars up the sides.
  6. I'll take it in NJ as SFGADV's new tower. I at least want 3 towers. Of course an Intamin Gyro Drop is first on the wish list. The move makes less sense than just giving it to SFMM if SF picks it up.
  7. I'm not even sure if I have Woodstock Express at Cedar Point. With all those other coasters who cares until I show up next time?
  8. After SFGADV got rid of their Inverter and Chaos I was surprised Clementon kept theirs as long as they had. It was a truck mounted model anyway. I hope Clementon even gets a portable kiddie/family coaster. It would be a start for the former Jack Rabbit plot.
  9. I don't see why Tango should be removed. It probably was a staffing issue. It's a very new ride still.
  10. Man, I didn't want to have a general thread cause I thought we're too cool for that at SFGADV. Anyways, last year for the season opener it was cold out. Weather did play a part in the day with the wind. On Dark Knight my car was used to set blocks so I had to walk off the ride. I didn't worry, I rode it later in the summer. I don't expect to have everything open Opening Day. I'm happy to feed some of my hunger for coasters and I got it. Bizarro wasn't ready, not a big deal for me. It had the Memorial Day debut.
  11. I wish The Time Machine could tell us the future, but I think Robb the fortune teller has been more realistic.
  12. Mr. Six's glasses are so foggy because of the cold! I don't think this kind of opening could occur at SFGADV here in New Jersey because I fear snowballs would be flying around.
  13. I like these additions. The ferris wheel gets a new location, Looney Tunes Movie Town is not being rethemed, and the triangle weird space between these three coasters gets used. I've been to the SFOG and SFNE Thomas Towns, rode both trains so I welcome the addition.
  14. A State Fair is supposed to be that, well at least the New Jersey and Pennsylvania ones I've seen. I think it's the other way around. The way I read the one article was the waterpark expansion was a nice way for Six Flags to get permission to take down Chang.
  15. What if it wasn't leased and B&M was much more screwed out of it in the Hard Rock situation?
  16. I would love to get some of Blizzard River's drenching overhead effects for Congo Rapids here at SFGADV, even if our ride is a little wider. You hardly get wet on our rapids ride here at SFGADV.
  17. I was lucky to get my second visit to the park last year to get the Roadrunner Express credit I ignored before, a ride on Chang,and a first time ride on Penguin's Blizzard River. What a great rapids ride that was.
  18. I think I would even appreciate a Volaire at Coney if they have a spare one sitting around. I know the city wants them to get things put in place quickly. I know there's one at Rye but I would appreciate another coaster credit to get. Motocoaster would be awesome, even a Wild Mouse.
  19. Where are the footers? Shouldn't that have been early fall work? Is this thing so small it's going to be portable/fold out of a box? I had a contact drive by a day or two ago and there is just nothing there.
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