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  1. I like the green earth tone for the Green Lantern. It will go well with silver accents on the train.
  2. I met cucumber in line for Rolling Thunder. I only meet you TPR guys in queue for Rolling Thunder.
  3. Bad thread title if you think it's for 2011. I would expect the land to be cleared, approval already given if this was going to be for next Memorial Day. Probably 2012?
  4. The family coasters are pretty good. The Grover's Vapor Trail is not very far away from me and it's a custom layout.
  5. I'm thankful. The encore to Shockwave is coming! Finally the standup coaster is returning to SFGADV. I don't have to drive 10 hours again to get it, just 40 minutes. It's a great ride.
  6. The Asbury Park Press leaked either Kingda Ka or El Toro or both the night before the announcement in the past. I don't know anything about The Green Lantern but I do know about the Riddler. The most important thing: my 10 hour drive is now reduced to 40 minutes to ride a great standup!
  7. I think you were right behind me in line in Blue Streak's queue. You had a joke with the operator about Amish workmanship, which happens to be good as well.
  8. The park on fb gave a clue to an article from The Onion where Lady Gaga kidnapped Commissioner Gordon. The park gave an update saying Batman & Robin would attempt to rescue the Commissioner with the help of ANOTHER superhero. I think the Riddler would give Lady Gaga a good run for the money.
  9. I got Blue Streak on Labor Day. #400 on my list. After going last year to inspect the park I wished this coaster would come through and come back. A wish came true.
  10. 1. El Toro 2. Bizarro (Mostly as Superman Ride of Steel) SFNE 3. Kumba 4. Boulder Dash 5. X 6. Mindbender 7. Phoenix 8. NITRO 9. Afterburn 10. Silver Comet
  11. The fireworks scheduled for tonight should help. I have a friend on their way there now. I am shooting for tomorrow to get Blue Streak as #400, Fun Fore All, and Kennywood in the same day.
  12. ^Exactly my point of view as well. I like the Ness helix pic. That's more unique.
  13. Now we enter the crux of the weekend, starting with Saturday so let's see what fanfare we get.
  14. Blue Streak could be my #400. That's dignity right there. I came to the park last year so to see this reopen would be a victory for me. I want to go there Monday for opening. I'll probably wear a Phillies or El Toro shirt. I didn't know it then but when I went to ride the Williams Grove Cyclone on a Labor Day a couple years it turned out to be the park's last operating day ever. Labor Day is unique to me then. I'm going to try it again.
  15. I rode Cyclone at Williams Grove on Labor Day before and it turned out to be the park's last day ever. Labor Day is special to me coaster wise. Let's do it again. This time Blue Streak!
  16. Thanks for the mention of Anubis guys. Now I have a good idea what this layout could be about. They should try to see if they can use the pre existing video of Anubis, cut and slow it down on the first hill to adapt it to being Dare Devil Dive?
  17. I think they borrowed the name from SFGADV like Dorney borrowed out the Dominator name to GL. Dare Devil Dive has been our skycoaster at SFGADV since like 1994-95. Ok gang I see where SFOG has used the name themselves on their skycoaster. Can we (SFGADV) get our Scrambler back?
  18. I see the park limited to the size of Batman: The Dark Knight for a floorless coaster. They need to handle more people though.
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