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  1. SFGADV Pedroland SeaWorld Orlando Oldtown Fun Spot Kissimee Adventure Landing, JAX Wild Adventures Carowinds KD Marineland CA Victorian Gardens HP Timber Falls Mt. Olympus Little Amerricka SFGAM SFStL Jenkinson's Boardwalk Funtown Pier Gillian's Wonderland Playland's Castaway Cove
  2. The station was gone about the first week the ride was closed. Only the lower half of the lift hill, the lower part of the first drop and the first loop remain. The bottom of the drop is gone.
  3. That train is now near the former Shockwave site as well. It's like a changing of a guard, a rebirth even.
  4. Word up: someone had a Twitter pic of Chang's train: black, yellow, red, purple against the simulator building - Old season pass processing side in between Dare Devil Dive and Nathan's on the Boardwalk. That view came from up high on the Skyride. That's really hard to get from ground level for park guests.
  5. Wow - SF sold the park before they could remove the Chaos ride.
  6. Are we getting a new logo out of this for Six Flags besides an obvious 50th Anniversary banner addition next year?
  7. I've seen Philly Ride Share cars. What's that all about? Maybe that's an answer.
  8. I think The Time Machine would be a better fit for that Chang spot. HRP would need to liquidate and SF pick that up- now, now, now for that to happen.
  9. In exchange for the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup I as a Flyers fan and part of that Philadelphia market SFGADV serves accepts canceled SFGAM Chang project for SFGADV.
  10. Nope. Chang is not coming. Lou does pretty good without help. It's ok, I found some sort of fairness/revenge in this: You guys got the Stanley Cup and since I'm a Flyers fan and part of that Philadelphia market SFGADV serves I get your canceled Chang project.
  11. It's like it's still 2007. I came to the place and the scenario was the same.
  12. I loved it. I think it's better than Cedar Fair's LeBron coverage at Cedar Point shooting bricks. Fail.
  13. Hey, it's New Jersey: Only the strong survive. I'm pretty sure it's drawing from the Pinelands aquifer.
  14. It's probably one of the dumbest plugs I've heard. They just wanted to stay clear of Top Woodie battle because it's going to involve 2 choices.
  15. Hopefully Maliboomer is for sale and SF could pick it up for SFMM. It doesn't need to be the tallest in the region.
  16. Who needs to ask for a cup of ice at SFGADV? We have a good allotment of water fountains around the park, better than some other parks.
  17. I could forgive them for taking out the train if they reused the right of way for a new coaster. Since it's a park it's just a train path really.
  18. I'm hoping for the "return" of Shockwave and yes it would have those two points tied to it: the park used to have an Intamin one inversion standup Shockwave coaster with blue track, white supports where Dare Devil Dive and the simulator are and yes GASM was a slightly taller clone of the 7 inversion Arrow Shockwave at SFGAM. Is there still the original ride sign stored at the park?
  19. I think I already watched the Chang POV a 100 times. I overlooked the turnaround and the inclined loop before but coming to my homepark SFGADV I think I will now completely love the ride. If it does get blue track, the shade of blue used on B:TR at SFOG which is just like the blue on Great White at Sea World San Antonio is just awesome. Maybe the GASM front entry can keep its blue border then and lose the old GASM sign only.
  20. http://www.jacksonnjonline.com/2010/08/05/exclusive-first-look-at-six-flags-great-adventures-new-rollercoaster/ I used to drive 11 hours to ride this ride before I went to a Phillies game in Cincinnati and Kings Island the next day. So awesome. It's exactly as I placed it in my head as soon I heard GASM was closing.
  21. I've only ever been on Fahrenheit as a single rider, so I would have appreciated the single riders line. Fahrenheit has been mean to me both times I've been on it: rough halfway into the cobra roll. This past time it attacked my back coming out of the cobra roll. So the Creekside catering area could be the station location? Great example since it's already a rectangular like a station would be. It would just be raised, a good thing since that creek has flooded before.
  22. The Township's meeting minutes are only posted up til March at the moment so we will know what the new attraction(s) are from the announcement first before the minutes are up to date.
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