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  1. I parked by GASM's loops to try to get some first drop and loop pics today. From GASM's MCBR to the base of SUF's lift the first few rows of parking spots are included in the premium parking section. They were empty today. I found pink paint spots about two parking rows apart going all the way along SUF's lift to its base. That's where I suspected Chang's lift will run. In park I found a couple pink spots at GASM's switchbacks at its front entrance. Maybe that marks where Chang's first corkscrew will go. On my way out in the parking lot by SUF's top of the lift/beginning of the first drop I finally found a surveying pin surrounded by pink paint.
  2. It took me two visits to get all the coasters of the park. Hangman wasn't available my first visit as well. It rained too my second visit. Cheetah is running awesome now. I'm glad I missed it in 2007 when I finally got it now in better form.
  3. Based on how it ran most of the last decade I would surely let it go but the ride has run impressively the last two seasons. They got it together for GASM's 20th Anniversary last year and it has continued into this year. Most of my cycles I did not have to worry about headbanging at all. I will miss the consecutive corkscrews. No hangtime in those, only in the boomerang. It was a great point of view seeing the motions of the train through back to back corkscrews. For years GASM scared me. It looked so intimidating until I finally rode it in 1997?-98.
  4. By the mid 90's that track with the extra supports was already in place on GASM.
  5. I have a ticket to Kennywood. I would like to go across Pennsy when Blue Streak is back and hit both parks again.
  6. I think I learned lessons about staffing for flats in the past with the '99 expansion. I expect only two flats and I bet one is the Centrifuge Scrambler returning from SFOG.
  7. I think GASM has run well the last two seasons. It gave a good ride last year for its 20th anniversary. I don't think I had to deal with headbanging these 2 seasons. Its corkscrews are amongst my favorites. The train runs pretty smoothly through there. It's a given in the batwing there was hangtime, which I wasn't crazy about. Five years I would have said I had real issues with the ride. I just noticed how the 2003-4 paint job already was starting to fade. I didn't want to think it could be its last.
  8. The ride of the Great American Scream Machine was of good quality last year for its 20th anniversary season. I believe it's carried over into this year. I generally had good cycles again this year.
  9. I would still put a coaster in that proposed spot. I'm a rollercoaster not water park enthusiast.
  10. If/when FMP liquidates SF should pick up Time Machine and plop it at SFGAM.
  11. I remember a storage shed bay was covered/boarded up at SFKK. Did Chang in it's latter time there run with only two trains? Will it run with three at SFGAM and where is this third train? Do they have to get a new one?
  12. I remember a storage shed bay was covered/boarded up at SFKK. Did Chang in it's latter time there run with only two trains? Will it run with three at SFGAM and where is this third train? Do they have to get a new one?
  13. I don't like this ride. There's not even a real top hat. The curve into the corkscrew is amusing. Just like Blue Fire it looks like a nice followup to Maverick. Afterwards the ride is wild mouse ridiculously simple. Please move this ride to Lake Compounce in two years and put in a terrain B&M invert that should really be there.
  14. Mini Mouse at Victorian Gardens Central Park, NY. So slow but way better with hardly any theming than being a Fiesta Express.
  15. I don't think Steel Force is screaming to be Magnum. Magnum is a misunderstood ride with me. I didn't see what the fuss was with it.
  16. This poll is all wrong: NO AFTERBURN!?!?!?! It's right up there with Montu. I don't see Talon, Great Bear, or Batman the Ride being all too far from being the same experience. They are all powerful and fun. This poll should be updated with the correct names.
  17. After riding Stormrunner you should have no problem riding Kingda Ka. My eye sockets feel the air rushing by but I've built up a tolerance for the ride. Stormrunner should have did all that for you. The view at the top is majestic and just for a few seconds so enjoy the twist down. I agree with Yoshi that the Great American Scream Machine is giving good rides this season. I had no issue with restraining myself. I did not receive a beating.
  18. What if they have to add a BRAKEMAN to each train to control the wheels that became an issue with this ride?
  19. All I care about is protecting Whizzer. I still need to get it and the whole park. As strange as it is to be in the park I'll accept another ride on Chang. Hopefully it will have 3 trains back? As for Chang making it look weird at the front entrance I got over S:UF being placed where it was at SFGADV. I think Chang is a more natural front entrance addition than Dominator.
  20. Kingda Ka has a trim at the top on both the left and right side of the track. At Intimidator's midcourse it looks like the brake is on the right side, the same at the final brakes. Perhaps on the midsection that is only an unused bracket on the left side of the track that is red?
  21. I think of Bizarro and Georgia Scorcher being very closely related in smooth flow even though they are different in size and genre. They both debuted the same year though. I've been on every US B&M standup except Iron Wolf.
  22. Ask at Fun Spot in Kissimmee, FL if an adult could ride a coaster named Kiddie Coaster which would give the obvious answer in the name.
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