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  1. Now probably like the reason Legoland decided to use Cypress Gardens than to go build on a new site from scratch elsewhere. All the theaters were already there for HRP.
  2. An increase of the right Intamins. They can go ahead and take Fahrenheit. I think the next coaster will drop over SDL and Comet into a Raging Bull style turnaround. B&M has Great Bear on its resume but what is really the strongest highlight they have is SFOG's Goliath. That is built on a hill with hills crossing over other coasters, across the entry plaza and parking lot access roads. Hersheypark should be going with B&M to build their own Goliath. Hershey has all these scenarios playing for them.
  3. Fail is if no one from any of the fan sites went to the Jackson Township meeting tonight. SFGADV was on the agenda. I was at least hoping someone would be there and a meeting report would not be as obnoxious as the SFGAM ones from Gurnee.
  4. I have my Kennywood ticket but I was really looking forward to come up and do Blue Streak as well. I may have to go to just Kennywood until I know we're finished. I voted.
  5. I don't think the wheel covers have the drainage hose. I think it's still the chassis that has the drain pan on the B&M Invert.
  6. Eagle Fortress I have EF, BBW, IR, FD, Ninja down. Within one month I was on both EF and BBW in 2007.
  7. I can't tell anymore which ones are the fastest. Riding the hydraulic coasters raised my tolerance of speed.
  8. Thanks for showing me the plan for going up next time: those two and Canyon Blaster and the Roadrunner Express at Great Escape i still need.
  9. Corkscrews are crunched and half of the batwing as well. The whole 2nd half is an inversion away from being completely gone.
  10. Team Coco! Please don't go back to this second version of the Jay Tonight Show.
  11. Musik Express looked grungy in 1998 even. By nature the bumpers cars are dirty too. I'm not missing those rides but the space yes. I love CHILLER but I remember it's premiere season hearing how it was trash during its breakdowns. The corkscrews are standing alone on GASM. They are disconnected from the batwing now.
  12. I was staying by Citrus Tower a decade ago. There were still groves but I was worried about their future. Here we are. Driving over the hills I could tell from the top of the tower you could only now see development.
  13. The Double Inverter was named Time Warp. I believe it was a Huss Jump 2, a rare Huss we had on the site of the current paintball shooting gallery building.
  14. I have just went to Dells but I still lack Minnesota. This ride besides the stadium will be another excuse to cut across Wisconsin to Green Bay.
  15. Water parks are not up my alley even if Thunder Run and T2 come back. So it looks like the park is still in a SF closed off area funk unless Hart can get more financing. I was confused into thinking I was going to Zoombezi Bay to get the Sea Dragon credit I was lacking but then I found to understand though not clearly marked at first I was going to the Jungle Jack Crossing section of the new owner Columbus Zoo in 2008.
  16. I guess the economy is bad enough that it probably isn't feasible to build a +55 condos/retirement community, reuse the lake, and really be the best chance of wiping away any memory that it was a former outlet mall converted to an failed entertainment complex to a failed amusement park two times over. Wait, I guess the old people would complain about the low flying landing planes as well. I don't know the local market well enough to know if it's already saturated with those kind of communities or can support that even. I know about the abundance of golf in the area. I guess its best use is an airport approach. It's a shame they just finished building a bridge just off the south of the property across the waterway. I'm not really drawn to Myrtle Beach anymore since I got the park & Swamp Fox that I would want to drive by and mourn the place. Is Medieval Times ever going to relocate out of that complex to another in town location?
  17. I would hope you guys would get a new splash boat. An old wound but would Deja Vu have fit in that spot in 2001? Where the upcharge skycoaster is what was on that platform prior? When I rode American Eagle last week I saw a newer concrete circle within that attraction platform. It was my first time visit to SFGAM last week.
  18. Maybe they could get Elitch Garden's Flying Coaster for that wild mouse pad. Could SFNO's Boomerang be refurbished? Could a boomerang fit in that same general spot, just a few feet over where the Skycoaster was? I think SFNE should just try to get a standard mouse outdoors. It was already going to have a repetitious genre if they got Dark Knight fully installed.
  19. They're getting money for the scrap sooner than letting it just sit there in pieces with an unknown destination. They could use that change for the new installation.
  20. If I was a French king this would have easily been what I would have brought to France too.
  21. Our Topspin is at least better than Voodoo, the Topspin at SFDK. That is the most lame one in the whole chain.
  22. Coasterprince, this is exactly how I pictured it. I'm not so good with paint shop so finally you get some good rep points from me. With this vision yes, I thought there would be a new rectangular plot behind Parachutes and Twister. Pushing it is my thought that this is the kind of space you need for a Giant Frisbee. Realistically I think it could extra storage/parking for Security and First Aid which I think is right by Golden Kingdom's gates from the Boardwalk.
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