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  1. To be honest I could have a horrible day and as long as I get a couple rides in, maybe get my 7 year old brave enough to try a big coaster I will be over the moon. It has been since January 2020, a baby, and a pandemic since the last time I have had a good coaster ride in. Had 2 quick rides on the Zippin Pippin since it is local to me but MAN I got the itch. Gonna be good to get a proper trip in.
  2. We are planning a trip for the last week in march. My wife came across trip advisor reviews from opening weekend about parking and food being an absolute disaster. I am willing to give them opening week staffing issues a pass this. Wondering if anyone has heard of some of the opening day issues have been resolved. It would still be considered spring break when we go.
  3. The first drop and first overback make it look a lot like if millenium force was 120 feet shorter... Love it!. It will be really interesting to see the Minimalist approach to wood supports. All i can say is RMC is on a completely different level than what anyone is doing out there in the coaster world. Wood or steel.
  4. I have to give my love to the zippin pippin simply because I can make it out to ride twice while on a lunch hour! The only other I have been on is Hades 360 (2nd day open) and at the time had some very good rides on it. It was sad to me to hear that it could not even last till the summer before getting unbearably rough. The zippin pippin however is still butter, only costs 1$ to ride, and has a killer ejector airtime moment just before the final brakerun. Dollar for dollar in cost per ride nothing can touch the zippin pippin!
  5. I saw a launch of one of the shuttles back when i was on the Disney College Program. (wow that was 9 years ago now!!!) i was pretty far away and the sound and feeling was unlike anything i have ever experienced yet to this day! I would love to get back down there for another launch and tour the center!
  6. For 165 foot tall wooden coaster you are talking a Massive structure and footprint. I think if this will in fact be what's going in you could expect a Texas Giant Style/Mean Streak style footprint with it overtaking Camp Cartoon Network and possibly as far as the wilderness theater. Eagle is only 127 feet tall.... The structure and footprint are nearly an entire side of the park. Granted i do get that there are 32 years of engineering that have improved since that time but still will be Massive.
  7. Something to note.... If it is a premier launch coaster it will be different than YOLO... That is definitely a built into the terrain and with the area that it is probably going there is a lot of room to work with. It is right on the Park Border, support buildings and picknic areas could be changed, and Camp Cartoon network is always a dead zone. Just thoughts.
  8. After going on memorial day i think we would see train replacements needed on Cyclops and Zuess long before you will see them add a second train to Hades. What I would really expect to see is the Old PTC's from Hades moved over to Cyclops or Zuess. I could see them still on site down near the maintenance area down by the waterpark area. Wish i would have thought to grab the camera on our way back thru from the indoor waterpark. Also If anyone hasn't checked out my trip report here is link! #shamelessplug
  9. The more I think about it the more i am leaning towards Hades in the side by side. They were both really close and both did things that you would not expect. Outlaw run was full of twisty goodness, and the moments of 90 degree sideways air time were completely unique. But what is really selling me on Hades 360 is the Overall experience. I love the fact that there is the long section before hitting the lift hill, and was just blown away by the loop. Running the entire tunnel in pitch black to the first thing you see out of the tunnel as you emerge is that loop? So awesome. But before casting my final judgement gonna wait a few days and let the initial high wear off. My wife on the other hand gave the edge to Hades instantly after our first circuit... but then again she has did rank Mean Streak on her list ungodly high....
  10. Definatly more sore from the stairs and hills than from the rides, but any aches and pains today would have been from Zues and Cyclops, not Hades
  11. While I did say it was rough, It was more in the "I just rode a woodie" rough It was very re-ridable, you are not gonna get off feeling like you got hit by freight train. Running thru the tunnel it Roars. To be honest the only part I felt that it could stand for some retrackwork yet was the Main drop into the tunnel. But over all the Timberliners do a great job of absorbing a good part of the chatter.
  12. Haha it might have been!! Was a good time either way! Won't Claim I was the only TPR lurking around the new Hawtness!
  13. Comparing Hades 360 to The Voyage, why is a ride only allowed one key maneuver? The overbanked turn rides so beautifully and does nothing to overshadow the 90 degree turn, it adds to the overall experience of the ride. The overbanked turn is actually my favorite part of the new addition. It was such an incredible way of changing directions when at high speed. It doesn't simply point you to the ground and turn; the ride starts at an upward angle, begins the turn, and the rotation happens about a fixed point with an invisible line being drawn about the riders spines to that fixed point for the entire maneuver. It's so beautiful I can't even comprehend what this will do for roller coasters of the future. Think of any huge B&M with a hammerhead turn where the riders bank towards the ground versus the air. This is the real beauty of Gravity Group's design. CORRECTION: I just remembered Leviathan as well as Diamondback does in fact have a downward facing hammerhead turn. I do agree with you on most of the rest of what you said; Zeus needs an overhaul and so does Cyclops. The old Hades train is nowhere to be found and the Zeus backseat was out of commission today. The first drop on Pegasus was rebuilt, however. The old trains are sitting behind the long "building of retail" Could see them today in the little gap between that and the "indoor theme park" section
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