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  1. Thank you for steering me there gang. Coasterforce does have a nice guide and basic info about each park. It is much appreciated. When I'm there I'm pretty much in the hands of my hosts. I hope to print a couple homepages for the parks I'm interested and show it to them. I hope they get the clue. In the info guide they'll get with my Bio I included as a hobby my love of coasters. Lotte World looks more inticing now. I really hope it opens sooner than scheduled for the work it was supposed to get.
  2. I have not been to SFGAM but being at PGA I understand the layout somewhat and how it brings about an atmosphere different than SFGADV. I really want to go to SFGAM - You should go too! See what's up with the Raging Bull and compare it to NITRO. I'd love the chance to ride the train ride at SFGADV that was sadly removed at PGA.
  3. I didn't expect South Korea to be as a mainstream coaster destination but I'll be there for the month of April with Rotary International for a Group Study Exchange. I saw a few months ago that Lotte World is closed for repairs after a government investigation. The amusements were supposed to be closed for 4 months from December 2006 or January 2007. Maybe I can still get a park credit for walking into the park. Hopefully I can get to Everland and ride Eagle Fortress, an Arrow Suspended. Are there any other notables in that country coaster wise? The members of our group notified the Korean host clubs that we have a rollercoaster interest. If we don't go as a group I hope my host family can take during the month. I appreciate any advice, Thanks.
  4. I didn't laugh but I watched. I think my Grandma could make the hippo another sweater. Hippo is lucky he doesn't need a passport.
  5. This looks like the most Junior of the B&M Hyper coasters. The LED lights sound pretty cool and the helix looks like fun.
  6. I worked for Six Flags Great Adventure in 1998. I was an attendant @ Batman & Robin: The CHILLER for it's premiere first full season. I was not too crazy for coasters until they shoved me onto Robin when I arrived. The thousands of volts must have shocked and changed my DNA because afterwards I became a coaster enthusiast. Batman is my favorite side though.
  7. I am not cool with this repaint. This was a coveted Premier I wanted to ride and the best I could was walk by the closed ride last summer.
  8. With my loyalty to CHILLER, I'm quite furious about this repaint unless this is a Batman & Robin tie in. What's next? Riddler's Revenge becoming orange and yellow?
  9. I think the most gory of the pictures are gone. I would have felt worse about seeing a half a corkscrew. The supports on the old corkscrews and for the old loops like Lochness look really cool. I appreciate Python for being a classic historic piece. I could imagine the joy of patrons when the corkscrews and early loops were revolutionary. The coasters have jumped leaps in development and execution that make us more easy to dismiss our classic pieces. Python - Thank you for your service. It was hard to ride, but I'm glad I got the credit.
  10. I haven't logged in a month. I have a SFGADV, SFMW, or a SFA I could trade for a SFOT. My only SFOT copy has a pen mark star near the park logo.
  11. I would like to trade a SFGADV or SFA for a SFOT map if anyone wants to.
  12. I went to SFA today to get the Giant map. The coasters, other than Wild One and Two Face this time, weren't too great. My day was made though when upon leaving I was looking to purchase an extra SFA to use as trade material. I didn't think they had the collector set but I asked. The clerk helped me find the last available set. It was open so we did a visual inspection. 12 of the 13 maps were there. It was missing a SFOT one but I already have that one. I was able to work the clerk for an extra SFA one to replace the missing SFOT one and got the set. I think it was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment; finding the Golden Ticket. I still have an extra SFMW and SFGADV to help in the trade.
  13. I still have a SFMW and a couple SFGADV maps to trade. I'm most interested in SFGAM, SFOG, or SFMM if they're available.
  14. I just completed my first trade. I got a SFStL map for a SFMW. The SFStL one looks really nice. Now my collection is up to SFGADV, SFMW, SFFT, SFOT, SFNE, and SFStL. I still have another SFMW I can trade. I'm trying to get SFA or SFDL next in person.
  15. That train on the Bowcraft Zierer coaster looks like a Top Thrill Dragster train. Kingda Ka in the South/Top Thrill Dragster mini in the North.
  16. Thanks for blazing the trail to Bowcraft. More Jersey credits for me! You'll real lucky to get on J2. I also made it to Quassy a few weeks ago but it was after a rainstorm, which closed the mouse down. I'll have to get it next time.
  17. I stayed @ Circus Circus and did just fine. Accomodations were ok - casino looked a little campy. I was a little anxious walking past the Wet n' Wild ruins on the way to the Sahara. Overall it was a cool time in Vegas. Speed is near the top of the coasters in Las Vegas. It's a shame that a Togo is one of the town's headliners. It's a pick your poison approach. Canyon Blaster had a bit of headbanging but overall it's one of the best preserved Arrows out there and the helix at the end rocks.
  18. On Great Adventure Source someone said the collector set made its way to SFNE. $29.95 there. My timing is bad; I was just there 2 weeks ago.
  19. Try the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger in Illinois as well. I'm glad I could see the video. It adds to my visit of the grass field that was Astroworld. I really wish I was there just a year earlier.
  20. When I went to SFGADV today I checked and asked about their map selection. They still only offer their own map, not a collection like I hope they would get. I have SFGADV, SFFT, SFOT, SFNE, and SFMW. I believe I have a few SFGADV and SFMW I could trade.
  21. The new name sounds great, I'm just one to always think about the past ones. I'd like to to go to Six Flags over Mid-America (St. Louis) in the future.
  22. I have the maps from SFGADV, SFMW, SFFT, SFOT, and SFNE. I could probably get myself the SFA one next. The idea of a collector set would sure be great to get. I was hoping SFGADV would get those.
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