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  1. I am very excited about this. Call me crazy if you want, but Rampage is one of my favorite wooden coasters!
  2. Nice TR. Valleyfair is a park I've always wanted to visit, I've just never gotten the chance.
  3. Going to the park tomorrow with some friends from work. I haven't been since last year. In fact, the last time I went was on the day of the NTAG accident. So it's been awhile... will post a report when I get home!
  4. Nara Dreamland is very intriguing to me. I love looking at pictures of the now-abandoned park. It's amazing how quickly nature is reclaiming it.
  5. So far I have plans to visit: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags Discovery Kingdom California's Great America Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk SFDK, CGA and SCBB will all be new parks for me!
  6. I find Shockwave (SFOT)'s brake run to sound very interesting. For some reason it reminds me of a machine gun!
  7. I had an extreme fear of coasters for about 6 years. It all began when I was 6. I decided to ride Titan at SFOT with my dad, and it was a major step for me because I had never done anything that extreme before. My mother was incredibly nervous, but she decided to let me ride. Anyways, once I got on the ride and realized how tall it was I immediately wanted to get off - but there was no turning back. The ride itself wasn't too scary to me, but during the incredibly forceful upward helix I banged my head really hard on the side of the train (looking back on it I'm almost positive I wasn't tall e
  8. Mariano's, my all-time favorite Mexican restaurant, is located right down the street from Six Flags Over Texas. Their fire-roasted salsa is delicious! Definitely worth a try.
  9. You can still access their official website using this link: web.archive.org/web/20080626105753/http://rotationalmotion.com/ None of the pictures work anymore, but all of the pages and text are still there. Enjoy!
  10. Wow, what an interesting park. Awesome report, thanks for sharing!
  11. - SFOT (numerous times) - Kemah Boardwalk - Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier - Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Thats all I know of as of now; I'm sure more will pop up.
  12. Wow, I had no idea Timber Tower was removed. Makes sense though - it gave a pretty dull ride and was a maintenance nightmare. Anyways, great photos! I still scold myself for not getting any cinnamon bread the last time I was there.
  13. Most likely SFOT. I'm having New Texas Giant withdrawals.
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