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  1. I just watched a nice little montage of La Ronde (had that park on the brain ever since my trip to)La Romde)... It got me thinking. How many of you guys make vids/montages at parks? Personally, I've thought about it, but never had the time to film them while there. Anyway, as I mentioned above, here's the link to the vid (can't embed on my phone) ADMIN EDIT: LINK REMOVED!
  2. Here's a short trip report grona trip to La Ronde I took earlier last week. We arrived at the park around opening, with crowds being fairly light, but getting worse as the day went on. The first ride we hopped on was Vol Ultime, a Funtime STarflyer, which although shorter and sketchier looking than the Mondual Windseeker at Csnada's Wonderland, was more enjoyable and intense than the ride installed in Toronto. After the Starglflyer, we headed to Vampire, a BTR clone, and also my first B&M invert. The ride didn't disappoint, and was intense and smooth, however dispute multiple trains running, the lines were about an hour long due to bad operations. We then ride a few water rides to cool off from the heat, and then headed over to Orbit, an S&S space shot built over the lake in the center of the park, and was relocated from Action Park in NJ. The ride has a very forcefull launch, and hanging there literally floating above the lake was quite unnerving, especially considering that the ride had been located from a park where six people had died. Despite the ride's sketchy reputation, I enjoyed it, however by the time I'd gotten off the ride, the line had grown extremely long, and we passed on a second ride. Finally, we headed over to the other side of the park, and rode Gioliath, a smaller, but still amazing B&M hyper that has some interesting elements, including a double down into the break run." Once again however, we were not able to get a second ride, this time due to a power blackout across the city that shut down the park, and ended our day at the park. Despite the long lines and the shutting of the park early, we managed to ride all we wanted, and overall had a good visit.
  3. I've been looking at vids of La Ronde, as I'm going in a couple of days (haven't been since I was like 5), and noticed their space shot seems to stop quite far below the top of the tower... I'm not sure if this is just the angle that the videos were shot, or if it's simply the fact that most older space shots have more clearance between the top of the tower and the car and I just haven't noticed, but it just looks strange. If its not for the above reasons that I've guessed, can someone explain what's going on?
  4. Just wondering, has anyone here heard of it, know someone who has it, or has gone through it themself?
  5. Granted, but then the ride looks more appealing, and causes the lines to become extremely long. I wish Canada's Wonderland got a B&M invert and tore down flight Deck.
  6. Relying on the knowledge that your math and physics courses will help you one day work for a coaster company to keep you from failing school... Hey, they said COASTER nerd, not nerd I anything else lol
  7. Actually, although it's on a MUCH smaller scale, my local park in my town has a music festival with some decent rudes... It's awesome.. Two great things for the price of one.. Music and rides!
  8. K, I get ya, but it's strange... Airtime hills don't seem to cause my stomach to drop as much as stuff like boomerangs and drop towers either... Idk, it's weird. Maybe the angle you're held at before the drop? Anyway, ya, I have friends like that too, and sometimes it's almost worse having friends who are "half enthusiasts" instead of total GP.
  9. B&M hyper..won't break down as much Goliath (SFOG) or Behemoth Canada's Wonderland)?
  10. ^ that sounds awesome... But normally it's not that dead.. On nice days, everyone goes there, and it gets SUPER crowded. Probably because unlike in the states, parks are more spread out, and people just go to the closest one. Anyway, if you wanna talk more, just PM me
  11. You changed your favourite superhero to batman from superman after riding BTR and SUF
  12. ^Hey, even tho u go with your mom now, I'm sure you'll find someone who likes rides to go with, and it's still awesome how many parks you've been to by 12.. Give it some time man, you've got a long way to go. Now, I had to ask, how was Canada's Wonderland.. U like L306?
  13. ^Unfortunately, although I DO NOT believe that boomerangs provide any airtime (except for that 1 time where I ended up getting a little pop ofcair coming out of the cobra role backwards), I do find that dropping down the backward spikes gives me a few butterflie in my stomach. I guess rides are like the FPS game wars in the sense that, there are really well made games like BF3 (Orcin our case a b&m), but the average Jo/GP will always fall for something that is overhyped and takes' itself too seriously like COD (in our case, am SLC). Just my opinion, take it how you will
  14. 10/10... Yay, now it's noticablr!
  15. The batman coaster was so old, it couldn't be relocated, so the park relocates Cobra from La Ronde and fills the space at theMontreal park with a...
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