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  1. Double Loop in Geauga Lake..... back then I was a lil' Biach and was scared. My MOM talked me into going on it. The rest is history.
  2. If my memory serves me right. Kennywood was rumored to have signed a 3 coaster deal with CCI. Boulder dash being the first of the three. CCI isn't CCI anymore and Kennywood is Palace now. But from what I remember the rumor was a wooden coaster being built on the backside of the park on the hillside (similar to boulder dash) And the name was suppose to be Cliffhanger.
  3. "I for one think there should be some sort of seating on -every- major ride for people with disabilites/challenges. It doesn't have to be always used as such- but a seat that could be easily, quickly and safely modified for guests who need additional restraints (Amputees) or who can't easily get into/out of a seat. There is........ Its called duct tape!
  4. There are posted height regulations that the operators check when anyone seems too short. So why did they let someone with a visable disability on the ride shocks me. there is signs posted out front and the fact that he didn't follow the rules and the ride operators still left him on leaves the blame on the ride operators.
  5. I like and respect polls like Mitch Hawks and put lots of faith in the Golden Tickets. This poll really holds no water in my opinion. I could start a poll and create the winner based on whomever I would trump up as the best. Whatever the case I did ride I-305 and Skyrocket. I found both of them very good rides but its like comparing a new Corvette to a new Hyundai Sonata. Arguing on a message board is like finishing 1st in the special Olympics. ........Even if you finish first your still a retard.
  6. My avatar says it all! Phantoms Revenge Last night in October Was damn cold! My Favorite coaster
  7. I will try to be there....Me my wife and kids are planning on going to Hershey this summer so I will plan for that weekend!
  8. Finally got to watch the 7 coaster dvds I purchased on black Friday here. (wife put them away as gifts) 2 Linda Bandicott Kennywood painting for my gameroom. Some cloths and tools.
  9. Here is my 2 cents on BBW. I rode it back in 86 and thought it was a great ride, Since then Ive ridden Top Gun/ Flight Deck, Iron Dragon, and the one at SFMM. comparing the 4 of them its my number 2 among arrow suspended coasters. It's a shame to see it go. (especially since no replacement has been announced) Saying it has become to hard to get parts for is hard to believe.Saying it ain't as popular is hard to believe. There are plenty of 20 plus year old arrow coasters out there with parts available. (it is a great intermediate coaster for many people) It seems that management/owners gave up on it, just as they did on Drachenfire back in the day.(imagine if they would of kept both of these old arrows along with Lochness. how cool the park would be with three arrows and three B&Ms) The footprint of the ride is very unique and don't seem very usable for anything other than a coaster. Personally I think the Dive machine is very booring and way too smooth and tame, not even in my top 50.
  10. Well coaster cuts sounds kinda neat... Hate to see any business close. What would be really impressive would be getting a hair cut on a coaster..... Can you imagine the blood bath that would be.... let's reopen SOB as a coaster ride/Barbershop.
  11. TPR.... to the people who have such a non-serious look at theme parks and coasters. All the parks and coasters that I have ridden, (101 so far and counting) My family for dealing with my some what obsession with coaster. RCT- gives me something to do in the winter time. My dear wife..... She married me on the great Phantom's Revenge
  12. We had a great time and can't wait to get back there again. It was a short trip for the family we did Waldameer the day before. I've never taken the family on a "small park trip" so I was really surprised that they had as much fun as they did.
  13. Well we compromised I wanted the Phantom wedding and she wanted a reception with the "dresses n tuxes" so we got married at 11am at the park (the only time they could hold the ride so we were the first ride of the day) and we had a full reception at 4 pm.... And so what to do between..... Mickey D's At the reception my good friend owns a hearse so he brought it....What a better way to pose for wedding pictures than with a hearse. say cheese...burger Our best Michael Jackson pose "Get in honey"
  14. Since our wedding I have gotten my wife to 5 more amusement parks and started her on counting her coaster rides. She claims she has ridden more coaster in the last month than she has in her whole life......... I think I have created a monster.
  15. I made it out to CLP on Monday Labor day,on my way back from a day at Waldameer.We got there before the rides were open.We entered through the lake side.First we saw an abandoned Round-Up and the Toboggan and it made me feel very sad to see a park that I went to as a child in such disrepair. We made our way up through the midway and seeing all the boarded up buildings was such a shock to me. We walked all the way to the front of the park and struck up a conversation with a park employee who was testing the Skydiver and my daughter who never rode one of these took up the offer to go on a "test-ride" with the employee. (she had more guts than I did) they ran it for a full 5 minutes and she loved it. By this time the park was starting to fill with people so we made our way to the ticket booth to get our tickets to ride the Blue streak. (they need more than one person to work in the ticket booth) we waited 20 minutes for tickets! On to the coaster we only waited 5 minutes to ride. My wife and daughter rode second seat front car and they loved it. Me I rode second car second seat and I had a very rough and almost painful ride (SOB with the loop was smoother in my opinion) The classic dark ride Devil's den was really cool. Although the wall of gum was kinda disgusting. but all in all a very nice blast from the past. There carousel was very beautiful and well taken care of.All in all a very nice place and with some time and work from the people involved in preserving it. It will survive. The Sign the Tobbogan The ID It so sad The Round-up or whats left of it The midway sign The boarded up midway The abandon basketball game The Arcade More midway shots The Light pole Classic dark ride.... Bathroom anyone? another shot Wonderfully preserved such a beautiful carousel The map Flyers Just repainted Ferris wheel of death? Very scarry My daughter giving me the sign Love the stainless cars Wasn't open Not much of a line ACE plaque the station The Train Still needs some repairs They had three different types of cars on the bumper cars We had a good time...
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