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  1. So I looked and the first teaser was posted on 6/20 and the second on 6/27, which are both Tuesdays. Tweeted around the same time of 8:45 Eastern both as well. So could we be getting another one this coming 4th?
  2. Hmmmmmmmm After reading the post again, "Roar" is another word for scream. The post doesn't say, "Don't miss your last chance to [Ride] Roar this summer!" So I don't suspect anything happening to Roar anytime soon.
  3. Me too! I need to go to the park soon to get my last rides in on all the Rockville rides just in case.
  4. Linnanmäki has confirmed the closure of Kirnu until they receive more information from the manufacture. https://www.facebook.com/linnanmaki/posts/10152287228092956
  5. According to a report sent in, Furious Baco is seen closed today. Could this just be coincidence or because of the incident since Furious Baco is an Intamin roller coaster?
  6. ^ with that being said, they did let us bring our backpack on the ride. The bag had its first coaster ride as it sat next to me and it enjoyed the ride! The park doesn't enforce guest to put stuff in the bunnies and you can just leave it on the side to pick up after the ride. Only on Pandemonium and the log ride the operators told us that we had to bring our bags on the ride with us.
  7. I went last Friday (6/614) to the commercial shoot for Bahama Blaster and I had a great time with my two other friends. The ride is in such a great location as there is only two other slides near the wave pool (Hill Country Racer and Tornado) and now Bahama Blaster can pull guest from the wave pool area. The employees keep on saying that Bahama Blaster is the steepest water slide in the world, Is that accurate? As from what I've seen through pictures is that Bahama Blaster looks very similar to the slides at Riptide Bay at Six Flags Great America. Are they both sharing the record, or did
  8. Here's an update of the new water park in North East Austin (Pflugerville) before it opens to the public this Friday June 6, 2014. The park was originally suppose to open during Memorial Day Weekend but due to the crazy weather here in Central Texas in the past months, the park pushed back it opening day. I know it's just a small water park and not BIG news to y'all across the world, but this will be extremely successful for being in the city of Austin and the rest of Central Texas. Residents would either have to travel to New Braunfels for Schlitterbahn or travel to Waco to another Hawaii
  9. Anything can happen and I believe it will open as its just a slide tower, but Texas especially Central Texas had really bad weather this past winter/early spring. Hawaiian Falls in Pflugerville (a new water park) might push back its opening until the first week of June due the weather we received. Link But I don't understand SFFT as it's just 4 body slides and not a new water park like Hawaiian Falls.
  10. My friend can't climb a tree. [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/EqJ070PC3_E[/youtu_be]
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