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  1. That accident resulted in several changes... like a divider between riders on the bench seats (so people couldn't swing their legs around and get out from under the bar by sitting sideways) and seat belts in every row instead of just the back row like before. The ability to sit sideways was the reason for the original "no single rider" policy, figuring that at least one of the two people would have enough sense not to allow it, but apparently this girl wanted to sit in her boyfriend's lap and they managed to make it happen on the way up the lift. Idiots. Of course, the coffin cars came ab
  2. My first ride was June of 1976, just a few days after it opened. I rode in row 8, because you had to be 5ft tall to ride in the back car (which was rows 9-12 with the 4-bench PTCs). It was wicked. The next year, I was (barely) 5ft tall and was able to ride the last row. OMFGWTFBBQ! The first drop was terrifying, the second drop was almost as good, but it was the "post turn" that put it in the #1 spot for so long. The post turn was the turn just under the turn between the first and second drops. It was the first turn in the layout that was completely inside the structure and as it finished the
  3. ^^Oh, yes, I remember the Texas Cyclone. I have a few pieces of it and logged more than 10,000 rides on it during its 29-year run. It was the coaster that took me from "fan" to "enthusiast." Back to the thread at hand... I can't believe there are two pages of responses and nobody has jumped on the original poster with "those are overrated coasters, your ACE mentality isn't welcome here."
  4. Yeah, and so is Iron Shark. Also, NTAG and iRat are both listed as the SAME COASTER as the older, wooden versions of each ride. RCDB is a great tool when you want to find out where coasters are, see pics of them, and plan a trip.... but I've learned not to take it as gospel when finding out specifics about a ride.
  5. There are several possibilities, none of which I know for sure, but I can guess: [1] In the days of old, TxGiant often came to a complete stop on the MCBR and the person was there to insure that nobody tried to get out (which is shockingly commonplace when a ride comes to an e-stop). Insurance regulations for the ride might still demand that a person be stationed there to prevent this in case the ride needs to be e-stopped. It would take a LONG TIME for someone to get from the station to the MCBR to calm down the riders and make sure they're not doing something stupid. [2] That person
  6. I've had enough awesome experiences on "kiddie" coasters that I don't ever rule something out based on looks or size or speed. Sure, if it's a major park I'm going to ride the "good" stuff and if there's time to get the kiddie credit without having to bribe a child to ride with me, then I'll do it. I'm more likely to consider the kiddie coaster a "must ride" if I'm in an area and that is the only coaster around. I mean... kiddie coaster or no coaster at all... that's a no-brainer for me. OF COURSE I'm gonna ride it. By going to those parks that just have the kiddie coaster (or the standard
  7. I don't remember who it was I was talking to, but it was someone who would probably have insider info... anyway, I mentioned the coasters I was hoping to hit in 2013 and wondered aloud if it would be better to put Cliff's and Greezed Lightnin' with a Silver Dollar City trip or a Vegas trip. The person said, "you might want to plan on skipping Cliff's in 2013 if you're just going there for Lightnin' - just sayin. No further info was given.
  8. That's more installations "under their belt" than Gravity Group or GCI, even if others did the design work for most of them. Technically, Gravity Group has more experience if you count the years of work the four guys did with other firms before forming TGG.
  9. ^Yes, but that was one layer of topper track on existing regular wood track structure. If you look at the construction photos of Outlaw Run, you'll see that the track is being fitted in sections like a plug-n-play Intamin coaster. The track is still a stacked structure like old-school track, but it's being preassembled in sections, then fit together like plug-n-play. I don't think we're going to be able to predict how Outlaw Run is going to feel until we actually ride it. There are similarities to wood, prefab, and steel track all happening at once, but that particular mix is going to have a w
  10. I read an interview with Mark Hamill saying that he and Carrie Fisher had already been talked to about the next movie (this was shortly before the Disney deal was announced). It seems that the new movie(s) will continue the story timeline beyond where Jedi ended and Luke and Leia (and possibly Han) would play brief parts in the first installment as a bridge between the old series and a set of new characters that will continue the story in that universe, but be otherwise unrelated to the previous films.
  11. Some new coasters entered the list and some got shuffled around because they were better or not as good as previous years. On the wood list, Wodan enters at #8 and Legend, which I was never overly fond of before, kicked my azz with multiple OMGWTF rides this year and lands at #3, just behind Voyage and El Toro. Wow. Raven comes in at #10, putting all three of HW's coasters on my top ten. On the steel list, blue fire Megacoaster sneaks in at #8. The coasters above it remained unchanged.
  12. How about instead of doing SW: Ep 7, they do a reboot of the prequel trilogy, call it canon, and effectively wipe the slate clean? So instead of a trilogy about governments, trade blockades, senate maneuvers, and Jar-jar Binks, we get the story of Obi-wan and Anakin's (and PLEASE don't call him "Annie" for chrissakes) friendship... a character-driven trilogy that goes from teacher/student to comrades to betrayal. Sure, there are some battles and dogfights and such, but what Lucas seemed to forget is that the reason we loved the original trilogy and hated the prequels is that we went to the m
  13. I dunno... it will surely be going faster than it did in the helix, but I still don't see it being much of a speed demon after it gets all the way back up to the plateau. Does anyone know if it will use the same wheels that NTAG uses? If so, it will be generally slower overall than it was with wood track and steel wheels. That's why NTAG's length is shorter than the original and has a complete helix gone, even though the first drop is taller. Having said that, doing those overbanks at a crawling pace could be seriously wicked.
  14. The RIDE is still good. What I hate is that what used to be a one-of-a-kind themed attraction is now corporate-themed. Yes, as Looney Tunes themed rides go, it's better than most, but it's still a huge step backwards from what it used to be. For the record, I'll take local theming over Looney Tunes/Super Hero theming every single time. Saying I should just appreciate it anyway is like saying "so Revolution has OTSRs, get over it" Yes, there is some validity in that statement, but the level of joy will forever be diminished from what it was before.
  15. ^Oh yeah... forgot about that, since I pretty much avoid it. Every time I ride it, I mourn the transition from Speelunker's Cave to the Bugs Bunny corporate-themed craptastic ride and just get depressed.
  16. It would be difficult to purchase anything from Astroworld now. Darien Lake, I believe, has the thing rotting in a field somewhere. Besides, it would be better to have a GOOD standup than Batman the Escape... wait. Did I just say "good standup"? Those are so rare that I really don't see any parks likely to invest on a new (not recycled) standup any time soon. How about another first-ever coaster? They could build a launched wooden spinning flying mouse coaster! ...and call it Green Lantern or some other such stupid thing.
  17. Let's see what SFOT has already so we can speculate what they might "need" - Kiddie: Wile E Coyote Junior: Mini Mine Train Enclosed: Runaway Mountain Shuttle: Freeze Inverted: Batman Bobsled: La Vibora Spinning: Pandemonium Mine Train: Run-a-way Mine Train Looper: Shockwave Wood: Judge Hybrid: New Texas Giant Hyper: Titan So there's room in that lineup for a mouse, a flyer, a wing coaster, a standup, or (long shot) a wood twister. Something like Europa's Poseidon would be a good fit for those brutal Texas summers, too. However, one thing that SFOT completely lacks is a
  18. ^No, no, no, I'm not talking about putting it in a box, retheming it with some lame space idea, and marketing it as a good ride..... I'm talking about putting a cover on the track like an enclosed water slide. As for effects, all you'd need would be some LED lights and maybe a fog machine. OOO, you could leave the brake sections open (leaving enough light for the riders to see those coming, preventing the jarring effects of being caught off-guard in the dark by those) - put fog machines in the tunnels, then as each car exited the tunnel, there would be a burst of fog with it, visible to
  19. I'm sure it's just some sort of optical illusion based on the camera angle, but every time I see the pic of that barrel roll, my brain keeps thinking that it's just not right. Just after the first roll, the track should appear to be like this ___ ___ but instead the two rails seem to be angled away from each other like this / \ and as it goes through the second roll, it looks even more skewed. Has anyone seen a different pic of it that corrects this illusion?
  20. Yes, it was called "Avalanche Bobsleds" back then. The name fit the ride better than "La Vibora" does, but it didn't fit at all in the section of the park where it's located. LV is one of those rides that represents a good transition for up-n-coming coaster enthusiasts. It's fun/exciting enough to appeal to the teens and adults in the family, but not so scary that the rest of the folks (tall enough) want to sit it out. SFOT does have a few of these rides already - Pandemonium, Judge, Mine Train - but its main appeal is that it gives the park some real variety of coastering experiences. If
  21. I'm willing to bet that if Voyage got topper track, it would easily reclaim the #1 spot. If you put Voyage and El Toro up to comparison and make them both just as smooth and re-ridable, IMHO Voyage would win every time. It's got all of the things that make ET good, plus tunnels, three 90-banked turns, and it lasts a lot longer. Not to mention being located in a park that is actually clean, friendly, and not full of Jersey Shore rejects. (edited to add) Plus, it would reduce the jarring stress on the Timberliners if it were really smooth....
  22. Distant cousins at best. I'd say they're closer to a yo-yo or a wave swinger than an aviator.
  23. That was a fun little road trip on Saturday and we didn't even miss the Titan shoot. 5.5 hours each way? That's a day trip for a couple of Texans, no problem!
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