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  1. Some new images showing what happened. Source: http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/queensland-police-share-details-of-how-the-thunder-river-rapids-ride-killed-four-people/news-story/bf66e6889091447199ec141ce7aa45af Still no word yet on how two children escaped the fate of the 4 adults.
  2. ^^^ Hey thanks for the update, hope your ok. ^ Wow, a whole new credit system!!
  3. [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/beJPXc3q2y0[/youtu_be] This shows it better than the photos.
  4. http://m.watoday.com.au/queensland/movie-worlds-green-lantern-ride-malfunctioning-leaving-people-stranded-20150315-144hx7.html The news on tv says the ride got stuck but the footage clearly showed a wheel assembly laying on the ground, the photos also show the rear section of the car on a very dodgy angle. All riders evacuated ok, those poor people in the back row though...
  5. Thanks for the TR, looks like you guys are having fun and yes I am jealous. I know the feeling of an Intamin being down when you travel halfway around the world with the expectations of riding it, when Top Thrill was closed on our first trip to CP I could have cried... Looking back it was no big deal as I have ridden dozens of better coasters since, I305 however, there's not much better than that. Seeing your pics of Flight Of Fear made me remember when my Oakley's got stolen out of the property box while the wife and I were riding it.
  6. I wondered what happened to Lazer, sad to see it leave Dorney but very happy to see it alive and kicking still.
  7. ^Your right, the airtime hill is wicked, the most ejector air I've experienced, the headchopper just tops it off too. Probably goes without saying but the indoor section is pitch black, looks like a few lights were on and/or doors left open in the pov.
  8. Found this old pic I took of the castle about 6 or 7 years ago. Although it had no use whatsoever, it looked great. R.I.P. Castle
  9. ^ Thanks dude, it's been fun keeping this thread updated. ^^ Very sad, I remember some projected video that used to play inside the castle back in the late 80's, it didn't really offer much but was definitely an iconic piece of the parks history. Glad no one got hurt. Maybe they can turn the castle into the station of the next coaster?
  10. After watching it get built for so long, it was great to finally see that OTSR click in this afternoon. The ride is very intense and although short, packs a punch. At 6'5ft. I was very comfortable in the trains, this didn't last long once the ride started but I am not complaining as it was awesome. Would love to see how much difference a lap bar restraint would make as it is not the smoothest ride once you leave the station, also after holding my arms up for the first ride, I felt like they had been sawed (pun?) from my shoulders, there is not much room for movement. Initial feedback f
  11. To charge that much they need a few more major rides in my opinion, maybe a coaster or two. I'd still pay it though if I was visiting Sydney.
  12. For me its Intamin. Just kidding, I'm going with TOGO, my back aches just typing out their name.
  13. Article from today's West Australian. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/wa/19395857/edge-of-abyss-for-thrill-of-a-ride/ German service technician Martin Daxle makes the final checks on Adventureworld's new roller coaster. Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian A ride on the Abyss will challenge the bravest of thrillseekers. Adventure World gave the roller-coaster a test run this week ahead of its official opening on November 1. The cart was surrounded by darkness as it began to wind up and down and around corners. Riders spent much of the journey upside down,
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