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  1. There is no doubt that it is football. The Pack are my family's bread and butter. It can get hard considering we live in Minnesota and the Vikes head coach Brad Childress lives down the street. But never the less, we are packers tried and true. Baseball comes in a close second with the Twinkies as my favorite team. Target Field aint bad either.
  2. Laying on a LoveSac feels a lot like laying on a manatee.
  3. Hey, it's called testing. I highly doubt that video gives any idea of what to expect when this show opens. The park was most likely in the early stages of testing with this fire cannons. Eventually, they will be set in show mode along with all of the other effects. Don't judge something you have not seen 100% yet please.
  4. Sounds Awesome. I can't wait to see it tomorrow.
  5. The decided to scrap the Barnyard re-theme. IT will stay Paul Bunyan for a while.
  6. Just saw Jennifer's Body. I can't believe that this movie got poor reviews in the paper. While it wasn't as great as Juno, it was a fresh story from all the same old crappy movies we have been seeing lately. Congrats Ms. Cody, you nailed another film. Can't wait for your third.
  7. Hopefully it's like a mega version because the capacity on those rides are somewhere around 500 rph. Hopefully, Disney has thought this one out.
  8. ^^The Prestige is great. You can't go wrong with Christopher Nolan! I just saw Quarantine. It was an incredibly bad movie. The plot and 'handycam' style of filming seemed very similar to Cloverfield. Instead of the monster, they had a virus.
  9. He retired after '05 I want to say, but he is still an athlete.
  10. I go to school with Rich Gannon's daughter. I've met him a few times.
  11. No. Who is more annoying, The Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus?
  12. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson Today would have been his 51st birthday.
  13. DJ AM was found dead in his NYC hotel room yesterday. They suspect drug overdose. http://omg.yahoo.com/news/dj-am-found-dead-in-nyc-police-sources-suspect-drug-overdose/27062?nc
  14. You're right. CoasterBuzz was there raising money for Give Kids the World. They raised more than $8,000.
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