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  1. ^^ Would you prefer they spend millions and millions on each park every year and send themselves back to bankruptcy? It's not like SFSTl was ever a park that got major rides every year. And isn't it better to fill a rotting hole in the park first and clean up what they have, so it's a better park when that big addition comes? Honestly, with all the talk we've had of things like Boss makeover, park expansion, kiddie coaster and a moon car expansion coming from the park president, I'm excited to see what the future brings for this park and these smaller additions will definitely help in the long run.
  2. I guess I just got lucky last year because I had no problem with Mantis, and enjoyed it enough to ride it again. I wasn't in the very front, but both rides were in the first few rides. For a ride that gets a lot of hate I really didn't think it was all that bad!
  3. The fourth teaser: The park also confirmed on twitter that American Eagle backwards begins August 31st.
  4. ^^ No, they did not. Those kind of details don't have to be released tonight. Just voted, ayes all around!
  5. ^ They just said it will be a chain lift. It's the wheels that will keep it quiet.
  6. ^ So they could pay for an extra employee, or just build a longer line. Which route do you think Six Flags is gonna take?
  7. I actually like the name Goliath for this ride because at 165 feet tall it will actually be a giant among wood coasters at the fourth tallest in the world. And if the rumors about biggest drop and fastest speed are true, even better. Unlike some of the other Goliaths this ride will actually be... goliath.
  8. ^ Just has to do with the fact that more people on the site are going to make it to Cedar Point each year than to Phantasialand. I love a good flume ride, and this one looks amazing. I love the way that the drop is hidden with the waterfalls, without the caption I probably wouldn't have found it! I do wish we would see more parks build flumes like this, it just looks so great and really adds to the experience of the ride.
  9. ^^ Even if it has a religious origin, David and Goliath is a very commonly used phrase, so I don't see a problem with using it as a clue. The five could also relate to it being the fifth wood coaster in the park.
  10. I actually think the exact opposite. When I first saw the new pov my first thought is that it looked way better than the first pov they posted. Still nothing to how crazy the leaked pov looked though.
  11. So in one of the teaser videos he looks at a bulletin board. Look at the middle picture in the bottom row. Although it's pretty blurry, I'm positive that the picture he's looking at is this. So that pretty much confirms in my mind that the ride will be RMC.
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