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  1. ^^ Knowing InBev..... In approximately 3-5 years the land Wolf and Drachen Fire sat on will be a new country for BGE. Wait for it, wait.....BELGIUM! Until then it will be another clearing of land and they will decorate the walkways around it with flower pots and Oktoberfest banners. We will have to consider ourselves fortunate if they at least leave the BBW station and its covered queue and turn them into Howl-o-Scream mazes for 2010-2012.
  2. By the looks of things I wonder if Anaconda's days are now numbered. I mean who wants an old green/orange/yellow Arrow blocking the view of the shiny, new giga coaster. Plus, hasn't Anaconda's ridership been pitiful the last several years?
  3. I will take oakislander's idea and run with it even more. This park should ONLY have evening hours. Open at 5pm and close at midnight (maybe 1am on Saturdays in the heart of summer). I have been a Myrtle Beach regular since the mid-80's and the facts are there. People go to this place for the beach and golf. Husbands take their families, they play golf all day while the wife takes the kids to the ocean. This usually happens every single day of their vacation (whether it's four days or a week). The mini-golf and the seafood buffets don't even open during the day, reason being: no busi
  4. I was at BGE the day Fabio got goosed. My brother and I were among the first 10 or so in line when he walked by in his Apollo costume. After he was out of earshot I made a comment saying I bet everyone 20 bucks he gets a nosebleed from the height. When the train came around the brakerun everyone started laughing and I was telling them to pay up.
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