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  1. Awww that is sooooo cute. Congrats you guys, hope you two are very happy together!
  2. ^ Sounds to me like I should get the Unlimited drink wristband on Tuesday when I go! Anyways TopThrill182 That was a great trip report. I kind of was hoping for pictures. But you pretty much told me everything I wanted to know. I'm reading up on everything I can for Cedar Point because I'm actually making a trip up there with my school on Tuesday! I'm extremely excited and hope I can get on all the rides. One thing I was wondeing is if Maverick and Millennium Force were open at all that day? I didn't seem to see anything on your TR about those rides.
  3. THAT WAS EPIC! The shameless plug, and all the inside jokes, and an insane rap battle! I'm so getting myself a TPR Magic Hoodie now! BTW the shorter guy of the two who was in the wife beater a lot...kinda cute
  4. Ok well I totally know how you feel about not being able to choose. I used to live like 20 minutes from Jackson New Jersey so I always going to Great Adventure almost every weekend. They are both really great parks. What I always tell people is if you want a bunch of extreme roller coasters go to Cedar Point and if you want a little bit of everything go to Six Flags Great Adventure. To answer your how far is Columbus from CP question its about 2 1/2 hours depending on how you drive. So taking a Trip to Kings Island is also possible too. We all know El Toro blows Mean Streak out of the water Kingda Ka in my opinion is nowhere near the same to Top Thrill Dragster you have to experience both separately Um Nitro again completely different from Millennium Force. There is no way to compare them because they are 2 opposite rides. But if I had to choose Nitro would win And Yes Medusa(Bizzaro) beats out Mantis but again those are two separate rides so there really is no comparing them. I rather go to Six Flags Great Adventure due to the atmosphere. There actually is an attempt at theming around the park and by being kind of woodsy the park seems hidden. Also it was were I grew up to love roller coasters, so I am kind of attached to it. Cedar Point though does have 17 Coasters and is set on the beach which is pretty cool. Also the onsite accommodation is nice too. So if you need to change and or nap it is very possible. But sometimes the prices seem to run pretty steep. Also you can get early entry to the park! So thats another perk. So yea in conclusion...I don't think I helped at all. Lol But with the way things are going for Six Flags and the economy I might wanna go there first!
  5. So does anyone know if there is going to be like a splashdown play/viewing area like with Shiekra and Griffon? Because that would be an awesome way to cool off in the summer when Ohio gets unbearably hot. Plus it would make the attraction more guest interactive
  6. I'm thinking Kings Island- and the ride will be Diamondback... if not Cedar Point - 1st ride will be Maverick such a sick ride !!!!
  7. Well Ohio has a cornacopia of haunts to offer. I live in the Central Ohio area aka: Columbus. So I dont know about any haunts to much farther than Mansfield. Here are some haunts that I hear alot about: Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres Pataskala, OH Haunted Hoochie Terror Park Columbus, OH Terror Park THE HAUNTED PRISON EXPERIENCE 2008 Prison of the Evil Dead Mansfield, OH http://www.hauntedx.com The House of Nightmares Columbus, OH The House Of Nightmares and then we have Kings Island Halloween Haunt and Cedar Point Halloweekends so yea Im gonna be pretty busy this october
  8. Gemini at Cedar Point in August!!!! I know right what a lame way to leave but it was fun!
  9. I just thought of something. When I was looking at the pictures and animations I didnt see any splash area around the splash down pond. Like what Shiekra and Griffon have where on lookers can watch and also end up getting soaked. I know that these are pictures and stuff but I was just wondering do you guys think there will be a Splash/Soak Zone or no? Kind of like this
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