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  1. By this point, I advise you to ban my account and delete the pictures. NO PERMISSION WERE ASKED TO THE PARK MANAGEMENT OR THE PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT In the mail I sent you,I didn't speak of the fact that the photos were official or not.
  2. Did you know that the only relocated B&M coaster is Goliath at Fiesta Texas which moved twice !
  3. This night I dreamed about Everland. I was in the park with my whole family and T express was closed, but it looked like an oval wooden coaster. Eagle Fortress was called "Joy" and the coaster shuted down too. An employee made me visit a new roller coaster which was as I though a diving machine. Finally I visited an indoor part of the park where a sort of Thunder Dolphin was. It has a very typical lift. All the cars got loose and each had a platform . In fact, these platforms were Space Shot platforms. When all the cars were fast at the top all the cars were connected again and the train began its first drop. Original lift !
  4. I hesitate but even if Vekoma begin to make smooth rides (Jimmy Neutron at MPG) I would say that Arrow is better because my favourite coaster is a Xtreme experience...
  5. My planned parks for the next year: -Parc Astérix -WDS -Tripsdrill -Heide-Park -Toverland -La Ronde -BPB -Efteling -Walibi Belgium -Bobbejaanland
  6. X is clearly the most impressive... their last and their best
  7. 1. Nemesis 2. Black Mamba 3. Dueling Dragons Ice 4. BTR 5. Dueling Dragons Fire
  8. http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=0pKFbo8n74s Here is another video of Moonsault Scramble.
  9. I really love Mystery River at MPG. I just don't like the outdoor part.
  10. -Dennlys Parc -WDS -DLRP -Thorpe Park -Parc Astérix -Jardin d'acclimatation -Europa-Park -Parc St Paul -Toverland -MPG -Europark -Walibi Aquitaine -Alton Towers I'm going to Nigloland and Walibi Belgium for Halloween fest.
  11. +1. Trains looking vacuum and seems to be done by a craftsman. And.... where did they find the name ? To finish, speed is not impressive at all at the top of the camelbacks.
  12. Nope, it was 10 but like you say, it changed nothing. But today at 09h55 GMT There is no more "stop watch" for me because the deduct is over...
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