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  1. Yes and you know why? because I am! Here is another picture of me on Hurakan Condor (31 October). I have a strange head because the photo is deformed (strange photo).
  2. Thank's ! I thought that but I was not sure
  3. I juste would like just to know if we will can ride "X" 4 times with the Xtreme Passplay next year.
  4. Parc Astérix. The last coaster was Trace du hourra (2001) and the last real attraction is the dark ride (2003). We want an inverted pleeeeaaase! Don't care... not coasters before 2008.
  5. I've ridden Kraken and Scream! I prefer the first one but Scream (without parking lot theme) is a pretty good ride.
  6. It was Dueling Dragons for me but since I rode Black Mamba I prefer the german inverted. it's not on the poll
  7. One of the highest flume ride in Europe Me and a friend at Cheyenne River (Mer de Sable). I'm behind
  8. Thank you ! Yes it's difficult to take pictures of Black Mamba because of the nets in the queue and in every ways. I have a big camera and it do not pass through the holes. do not have ideas badly placed) Next time I 'll take antoher camera for Phanta !
  9. So.. my coaster list.... hum : 1.X (SFMM) 2.EGF (HP) 3.Black Mamba (Phantasialand) 4.Kraken (SWO) 5.Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) 6.Tonnerre de Zeus (PA) 7.Dueling Dragons ICE (IOA) 8.Goliath (WW) 9.Scream (SFMM) 10. Winja's Fear (Phantasialand) I would like to ride : Eejanaika Dodonpa Kingda ka
  10. I've ridden it one time but it is the last time I'll go up never again inside . I don't like that kind of fear.
  11. Space mountain at Dlrp. It's just bad. (particullary on the last wagon).
  12. My top ten 1: X - SFMM 2: EGF - Holiday Park 3: Kraken - Sea world O 4: Riddler's Revenge - SFMM 5: Goliath - Walibi World 6: Dueling Dragons - IOA 7: Scream! - SFMM 8: Ninja - SFMM 9: Batman the ride - SFMM 10. Typhoon - Bobeejanland
  13. Holiday park changed the name of EGF. Expedition Survivor This challenge last 6 month and the survivors gain a teddy bear. One part of the drop is removed for the competition
  14. Dueling Dragons for the life ! Two loops are amazing and the speed... I prefer Ice track. And what about Black Mamba ? One of the best Inverted too
  15. Yes it have but this is an horrible rollercoaster... like Vekoma know to do http://www.rcdb.com/id959.htm
  16. It's amusing because three month ago I build Dalton Terror but I've never finished because I tough it was a bad idea. Now I continue the consturction of the tower. My train is a twister train because the front is like the elevator. Some pictures: The red ring you can see is the future Tower. on the two first pictures you can't see it. You see only a part of the tower.
  17. Frenzy is a friend of me. He made the Rock'n Roller coaster at Walt disney Studios (France). I prefer Rnrc because it is more realistic.
  18. First drop of Tonnerre de Zeus Best drop on a wooden with a scary tunnel
  19. no but it have an horrible color : Pink (and yellow) Does Head & Shoulders is the best Shampooing ?
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